Why I moved from Priolite to Elinchrom

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 30, 2013

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Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Hope you had a good weekend.

On Saturday I was teaching a workshop for Microsoft where we went through the first of the day Photography and the second half of the day Retouching. I’ll be sure to share what went on and some images later this week but what a great group! I thoroughly enjoyed the day ūüôā

So today as I promised last week I just wanted to give you the run down as to why I’ve moved my lighting from being with Priolite and now Elinchrom.

I posted about the move across social media last week and not surprisingly received quite a few emails and comments posted online asking why, so rather than answer each individually I figured this would be the best place; this way everything is out in the open.

Before I say anything though, I just want to clarify that this is in no way a “I didn’t like this and I didn’t like that” kind of post. There are bound to be things that people do like and don’t like about a system but it would be entirely unprofessional of me to just list my own. My primary reasons for moving to Elinchrom are very practical and are geared towards how I work and who I work with and that’s what I want to explain…

Priolite is a a great system. The ability to have the battery built into the head itself and so save on the need for leads brings with it obvious advantages i.e. no need to search for a power point if working on location and not having to worry about folks tripping over them being two for starters.

However having the battery built into the head does mean that the head is heavier and with a modifier attached it does make things interesting; especially when fitted onto a boom as it was in a shoot I did on location in a Boxing Gym in the North of England.

As someone involved in education i.e. teaching workshops, online training, 1-1’s and so on there will always be attendees who are interested in buying the same kit we use on the day. Anyone who has followed this site for a while and seen any of my Behind the Scenes posts will know that one set up I’m fond of consists of 3 lights; 2 of which are strip lights with grids fitted – a modifier however that Priolite at this current time are unable to supply which would mean having to buy another brand.

However despite little niggles that you’re always going to have with any system, the main reason for me making the move is very much business related…

You see I work with folks who themselves use the Elinchrom system…Kieron Nevison for my Dynamic Duo Workshops for starters. But then looking into early 2014 I’ll be rejoining my Buddy Frank Doorhof for a BIG workshop series we’ve been planning in the Netherlands and another friend of mine that I’m talking with about teaming up on a project with in the UK…Tigz Rice.

So what’s the problem? Well you see my contract with Priolite was ‘exclusive use’ meaning I was to use the Priolite system only and now that things are moving along and projects are being talked about this ‘exclusive use only’ was clearly going to be a problem; for me it’s certainly the reason for the delay in progressing with dates etc for the workshops with Frank and Tigz.

With regards to Elinchrom it’s a system I’m familiar with. They have outlets (The Flash Centre) across the UK, Europe and the World meaning I can pop in and see folks wherever I am. I can get access to kit wherever I am (of which there’s a seemingly unending supply available) and very quickly i.e. same day or next day which is a life saver but because of this I can develop a relationship with the company and that to me is vital for longevity and peace of mind.

So I guess in a nutshell what I’m saying here is this…

Priolite is great system but just like I always say when it comes to retouching, there’s never a one click fix.¬†What system is right for one person may not necessarily be right for the other and that’s how it is with me.

Elinchrom for me ticks all the boxes: it works, it’s easy to operate, it’s as tough as old boots, it’s portable (especially now with the Godox Battery Pack that I’ll be posting a video about shortly), there’s every¬†conceivable¬†modifier and accessory you could want/need and it fits every budget due to the range of kit available i.e. D-Lite systems through to RX heads etc; all points that are extremely relevant to me as an educator.

Finally despite now having made the move to Elinchrom I just want to say thank you to the folks at Priolite for having approached me. Having spoken with them this past couple of days and to hear that what I have done with them has done a lot of good is truly great to hear!

As always if you have any questions or comments please do send them over but for this post all I ask is that we use the comments section below as I want to ensure complete transparency with what is asked and what is replied; hope that makes sense.

Right, have a great Monday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Geoff Astle

    Thanks again for an informative post Glyn. Good luck with the Elinchrom. And I look forward to the review of the Godox which I was considering purchasing myself.

  2. Jonathan Thompson

    Great post, well put. I personally hate the this is better than that discussions when it comes to gear, simply because it usually turns into a slagging match. Although I don’t own any Elinchrome gear, it’s always been the system that appealed to me the most. The portability of the Priolite system certainly got me thinking, but the Godox batteries you used in Halifax, put Elinchrome right back in 1st place. One of the other big things is when friends & collaborators use the same gear, you can share, swop experiences and when necessary pool your gear for a bigger project.

    I think you’re making a great switch and for the best reasons. With all your backing and support, sky’s not the limit any more. I tell folks, if you wonder what hard work can accomplish take a look at Glyn Dewis. Success is not an option and you deserve every bit of it.
    Have an awesome week mate


  3. Dave Golding

    Hi Glyn, which size of Elinchrom softbox do you use as your modifier for the two “striplights”? Is the 90 x 35 long enough for full body length?

  4. Sander Sterk

    Thanks Glyn for your clear explanation. I totally understand why you made the switch. Just the feeling that you can get your equipment relative easy in every country make really sense!
    Great post!!

    I hope that you can tell us something soon about the ‘BIG event’ you planned with Frank Doorhof in the Netherlands.

    Have a great one today! ūüôā


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