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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 18, 2013

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Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Good weekend?

Ok so today I thought I’d kick the week off with a website to check out.

You see one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked at Seminars and Workshop is “How do you come up with ideas for pictures?”

There are so many places we draw on for inspiration and from Day 1 I was always tearing pages out of magazines whenever I saw a picture that I liked and I’d stick them all into scrap books. The pictures I collected weren’t necessarily taken so that I could copy them exactly but more because there was something about them that I liked i.e. the colouring, the posing, the lighting effects and so on…

I remember a while back now being hired for a photo shoot and the client actually saying to me that they wanted it to have the feel of the TV programme ‘Mad Men‘. Now I’d never heard of let alone seen Mad Men but a quick search on YouTube and moments later I got what it was they were asking for.

So magazines, newspapers, posters on the Underground, iTunes Movie Trailers, YouTube and such like are all great places for inspiration BUT my favourite place of all is the IMP AWARDS website:

IMP AWARDS is a HUGE website that has an ever increasing library of Movie Posters from past, present and future and the really great thing is that it also has most of the alternative posters that were created too.

I’ll spend ages literally browsing around the site and collecting pictures to save in a folder in my iPhoto library and then ultimately my Moodboard App on my iPad. There’s so much inspiration and knowledge that can be gained from looking through images like this as there can browsing through photography books containing images from famous photographers from over the years.

So today seeing as it’s the start of the week why not check out places like IMP AWARDS and start putting a personal project together, put a date in the diary for the photo shoot and go for it!

Check out the IMP Awards website here [Link]

Have a good one and I’ll catch you tomorrow,

ps> If you have favourite places where you get inspired I’d love to hear them so why not share them in the comments section below so everyone can benefit 😉

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  1. Fraser Bishop

    I only play with photography but my favourite place for inspiration is the Westover Gallery in Bournemouth. A great collection of artists many of whom have inspired me to be more creative with black and white pictures. As I say only an amature at best but I do love my camera.


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