My new iPhone App ‘Frizoo’…Can you help???

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 2, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks…How’s your week going?

Ok so today I’m posting about my soon to be released iPhone App Frizoo. We’re getting really close to a release date now, in fact so close we can smell it, but before it’s released into every App Store across the world I’m asking for your help…

I’m looking for a number of people who would like to test and review what should now be the final release version of Frizoo; an app which I believe has been designed to be used by anyone regardless of age, profession, etc…

So if you’d like to help out and get hold of a copy of Frizoo before it’s officially released all I ask is that you are active on social media, have your own blog (although that’s not entirely essential) but also that you head on over and ‘Like’ the official Frizoo Facebook Page. Drop me an email to: and just let me know whereabouts you’re based in the world and any links you want to share.

I’m looking for 25 reviewers/testers in total so those who receive the app will do so in an email along with details about the App including the background, what it is, what it does etc…

Thanks for your help folks and I’ll catch you soon,
Enjoy 🙂

• • •

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