My NEW Photoshop & Photography Video Podcast: Coming Soon!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 24, 2013

Category: Videos

Hi Folks,

Thanks for stopping by.

Today I wanted to first of all let you know that in the next couple of weeks (once back from Germany) Ill be starting a weekly video podcast.

This brand new video podcast will be available on my YouTube Channel [Link] and also through iTunes but before the first episode is there’s a few things I wanted to run by you but also get your opinion on…

I’m planning on each new episode going out every Wednesday and lasting no more than 15 minutes maximum. Content will include quick Photoshop & Photography tips, tricks and techniques, sneak peeks behind the scenes, news, reviews, guests, promotions and anything else I can squeeze in.

Now this is where I need your opinion…

Looking at what I have in mind i.e. day of the week and content, what do you think? Would another day of the week be preferable? Is there anything specific you would like to see if possible? What do you think about the time limit of 15 minutes maximum?

Please feel free to make use of the comments section below or email me direct to with any thoughts/suggestions; it would be a big help…thanks

Also, just to let you know
There’s quite a few things going on behind the scenes at the moment and due to having been asked quite a few times I’m now recording tutorials going through each and every step of some of my pictures where I cover the lighting, photography and the retouching. (These tutorials are going to be made available for purchase and download including the RAW files)

The first tutorials will be: The Editor, Wolverine in London and Dark Angel…all of which cover very different retouching and compositing techniques but I’ll also be adding basic retouching and Photoshop skills tutorials too.

Right that’s all from me so have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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  1. Samuel Joseph

    Hi Glyn,

    Big ups to you and everyone doing great things out there in the creative world. I think your idea is fantastic and good to go. I would however suggest say, Friday weekly release date. this would give room for thorough work and over again during the weekend. 15 mins in my opinion is also quite huge, this you would realise when you start putting your materials together. I’ll suggest you start off with 10.

    I think your content line up is really interesting already. I can’t wait to have every single one of it. We have a lot of tutorials around but the fusion of all this just sounds really good.

    I hope you find suggestion useful.


  2. Neil Mallett

    I doubt the day of the podcast will make any difference, youtube being 24 hours and the video staying there until you delete it means if I want to watch at 03:24 every Tuesday, I can. I look forward to seeing the first one soon.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures on 500PX and Videos on Kelby Training so I’ll also wait for your new tutorials with baited breath, I particularly like the idea of getting the RAW files, nice touch.

    I hope for some shooting tips as good as your photoshop tips.

    Cheers, Neil. 😀

  3. Steve Hughes

    Looking forward to this Glyn. IMO I don’t think it actually matters what day of the week you release these. Podcasts they will downloaded and ‘savoured’ at a time to suit the viewer. I’d be surprised if you can get a consensus or that aspect!

    If you need content to fill up the time you could add in the recommendations/reviews of books and software that you review elsewhere. Reuse what you have done on places like Amazon to cut down on the workload, and it will consolidate the information for folks that aren’t aware of that channel. Everyone wins.

  4. Bob Bell

    Looking forward to them, and I think Wednesday’s perfect; people will be over the Monday blues and also as not much happens on Wednesday, people will be more inclined to sit down and watch as opposed to being too busy with the weekend etc.

  5. Ian Mears

    Hi Glyn,

    Nice idea although I don’t think the day you release it matters to much. Content wise I’d say keep it short and snappy with lots of little tips to improve speed and workflow or cool ways of doing new things. Similar to the seminar you did the other week in London, lots of little things that add up to a very useful bank of knowledge.


  6. jlua

    I agree with Samuel that around 10 minutes to start would be fine. Long video postcasts can get more difficult to watch. I prefer to watch short(er) videos, so I can watch them all at practically any moment. I am looking forward to see them. Thanks!

  7. Helen Jackson

    Sounds great, I agree with the others that short and snappy would be best, perhaps you could alternate between techniques for newbs and those for the more advanced. Something to build on the things you taught in the Selections workshop would be great 🙂



  8. Matt Buntyn

    Hi, Glyn,

    I think Steve Hughes hit the nail on the head with his comment. I will ask that you consider adding some tips about business and/or logistics of your shoots.



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