My Top 3 ‘Must Have’ Business Books

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 4, 2012

Category: Review

Hey Folks…How you doing?

Got that Friday feeling?

Ok so today I want to tell you about my Top 3 favourite business related books; books that I feel have and continue to be the most beneficial, books that I regularly refer to and books that I continue to read time after time, so here goes…

Inbound Marketing
If I had £1 for every time I’ve recommended this book I’d be writing this blog whilst sat in my own private jet flying across the Atlantic for lunch in New York…well maybe not but seriously in my opinion it’s that good.

Written by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah this book does a fantastic job explaining the business side of how to use social media and blogs. The crazy thing is nothing in it is revolutionary. The majority of the advice is common sense but as we all know common sense isn’t all that common, well…certainly wasn’t in my case 🙂

If you’re in business then increasing traffic to your site is incredibly important but of course it doesn’t stop there. But how do you get people to visit in the first place and what’s more, how do you encourage them to return? Well that’s where Inbound Marketing comes in!

A seriously good book!


Available on Amazon

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The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
Now this book I absolutely love! I was recommended to read it by my Buddy Calvin Hollywood and man am I pleased he did. I’ve got both the audio version and kindle version on my iPad so I can get a regular top up no matter where I am.

Written by Carmine Gallo this book examines what it was that made Steve Jobs’ presentation style so compelling and covers how we can implement the very same techniques he used in our own presentations.

If you do any kind of teaching or talking in front of groups, however large or small, then this book is a must.


Available on Amazon

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Eat that Frog
Ever find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? So much to do but so little time?

In this book the Author Brian Tracy covers how to get the most out of what time you do have by prioritising. Eat that Frog might sound like an odd title but think about it…if the worst thing you had to do each day was to eat a frog then you’d be better off doing that first thing and then enjoying the rest of the day right?

Well that’s kind of what Brian Tracy is eluding to and goes on to cover all kinds of really effective ways so that you can indeed be more productive with the time you have.


Available on Amazon

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Setting aside 30 minutes to read and 30 minutes to study Photoshop is something I make a point of doing every single day. Sure there are days when I don’t manage the full 30 minutes but I’ll still do some, and let’s face it…something is better than nothing right?

I used to read last thing at night but after having read just a few lines there would be the inevitable Wallop! as the book I was reading, or worst still my iPad, would drop to the floor as I slipped into the land of nod. Nowadays I’ll set aside 30 minutes during the day when I’m wide awake to read and with audio books there’s really no excuse not to.

So what about you…got any books you’d recommend? Books that you continually go back to time after time? If so why not share the titles in the comments section below so we can all check them out to.

In the mean time have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here next week,

Enjoy 🙂

Reading is one thing; Applying what you’ve read is another

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  1. Dominic

    Glyn I took your advice over the first one, and am currently taking in all it has to say, the next part is to figure out how to use that info to my advantage.

    Even though I have yet to finish the book I will say it is indeed a great book, and well written, which books have to be in order to keep me interested otherwise I very quickly put them down.

    Will look into the second two when I’ve finished the first 🙂


  2. Jonathan Thompson

    Thanks for posting this Glyn, I’ve been meaning to ask you for the title of, what I now know is “Inbound Marketing”, we spoke of it a while back & I lost my note. I’m really a big fan of audio books, they just work while I’m out & about, but I also like the written word to go back,reference & sit & read when I get a minuet.

    Have a great weekend, I’m off to Amazon ;0)

    Cheers, JT

  3. DaveT

    I was interested to hear about you setting dedicated time aside to read and to practice using Photoshop. it’s not dissimilar to a musician taking time to practice scales and learning new pieces of music, or indeed, a sports person doing drills and practicing new techniques; its all essential to growing and developing in striving for perfection.

    I haven’t read any business books lately but one that sticks in my mind, about dealing with change – and here you could draw parallels to the changes in the photographic business is “Who Moved My Cheese”


    • Glyn

      @DaveT…Who moved my cheese…yeah I’d forgotten about that one; great book. Read it a while back now but definitely a classic 🙂

  4. Mathieu Wauters

    Hey Glyn, thanks for the suggestions. I’ll definitely check out number 1 and 2 on your list. As to personal suggestions, I have read a couple of books about time management and productivity. One book I recommend is “The 4-hour workweek” by Tim Ferriss. I first stumbled upon Tim by watching him on Chase Jarvis Live. Another good book is “Talent Is Overrated”. Finally, a more surprising recommendation I’d make is “The Art of War” because its principles can be applied to modern businesses, even though this book’s original intent was military. Hope this helps!

    • Glyn

      Hey Mathieu…Thanks so much for the suggestions; added to my list on amazon 🙂

  5. Michelle Hedstrom

    Thanks for the book suggestions. I’m actually halfway through “Eat That Frog” and really like the message and information it gives. I’m reading it sporadically though, but I’m horrible with procrastination, so I really need to finish it. One thing I do do, is remember that my entire life just isn’t about learning stuff, so I try to take 30 minutes during the day (usually at night), and sit down with a book that’s NOT about photography, or business, or social media. I find that’s a good way to calm my mind and remember why I love reading in the first place.

    • Glyn

      Yeah with you there Michelle; I too have to remind myself to read a book that’s non business/photoshop related sometimes…just a good ole story book 🙂


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