MYSTICAL WORLD: New Picture PLUS Making Of

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 20, 2014

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Hey Everyone,

How’s it going?

Well today as promised, here’s a run through showing what went into making one of my recent pictures that I’ve called MYSTICAL WORLD

Finding the perfect location isn’t always possible so this was actually the first time I ended up using a miniature…

I went online and found a Dolls House Supplier and ordered a miniature wardrobe, some miniature skirting board and a couple of rolls of paper that had wallpaper pattern and wooden flooring printed on them; combine that with an empty cardboard box and some spray glue and voilà … instant room 🙂

You’ll see that I’ve actually cut out the shape of a window in the box. The reason for this was to shine a torch light through so that I could see how the shadows would behave against the back wall and what kind of shadow would be made when the light hit the wardrobe. I didn’t photograph the light and shadows for the final picture though but rather photographed them as a reference point so I knew how to paint them in during the retouching process; this gave me the option of having a picture with or without shadows as I hadn’t 100% decided what I wanted…does that make sense?

Once the room had been made (costing less than £10) and photographed it was then time to photograph the models / characters to be included…

I’d spoken to a close friend and asked if both he and his wife would be happy for me to photograph their daughters to be in the final picture and yeah sure they agreed; ALWAYS best to ask rather than assume it would be ok though…especially when kids are involved.

Anyway with regards to the lighting, I used a mixture of ambient and flash. The Flash was only there to add some highlights in the same kind of place / direction that would be coming from the wardrobe so in this case I used an Elinchrom RX600 Head with Elinchrom Rotalux 130cm  x 50cm Strip Box…

Once all the elements had been photographed it was then Photoshop time…

I started working on the room first which first of all meant making the wardrobe wider as I wanted it to feel like one of those large antique wardrobes similar to what you’ll see in the film The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; which incidentally is where the inspiration for this picture came from.

Once the wardrobe had been made wider it was then a case of slightly changing the perspective of the floor and adding in extra floorboards; something that would have been made a lot easier and quicker with the very recent update to Photoshop CC … Perspective Warp.

As for adding the shadows and making the night scene, here’s an video I posted on my YouTube Channel [Link] showing the process…

Adding the glowing light and spill on the floor around the girls’ feet was done using a technique that I again have posted a video tutorial for over on my YouTube Channel.

The video shows it on a different picture however the technique is the same…

Now anyone who has followed this site for a short while will likely know I have a bit of a thing for finding out ways to make selections.

Well in this picture I tried something different and gave Topaz ReMask a go and I must say it worked a treat cutting the girls off quite a tricky background and retaining important details like fine hair with just a couple of passes.

You can check out Topaz ReMask here and give it a FREE trial [Link]

Once all the elements had been put together, light, shadows and colouring added it was then a case of adding details and creating the look which for this whichI wanted to be a fairy tale / painterly feel.

Check out the Larger / Better Screen Quality version here [Link]
•    •    •

So there you go…a quick run through to give you an idea as to what went into making this picture.

As always if you have any questions / comments please feel free to make use of the comments section below or drop me an email to

In the mean time though, thanks for looking in and I’ll catch you next time,

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  1. Morgana

    Bloody briliant! 😀

    • Glyn

      Morgana…Thanks 🙂 lol

  2. DaveT

    Its the attention to detail that nails it – great job Glyn!


    • Glyn

      DaveT…Cheers mate

  3. cornelussen

    Great jobs. Thanks for explanation.
    Greets, Gerard

    • Glyn

      Gerard…You’re welcome; thanks for looking in.


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