New eBook by Concert Photographer Alan Hess doesn’t just ROCK it BANGS!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 22, 2013

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Today I’ve an ebook recommendation for you written by Concert Photographer Alan Hess that totally ROCKS!!!

Written in Alan’s usual style that those of you who have his best selling Concert Photography Book will recognise i.e. easy to read, and written in a way that makes you find yourself saying ‘Now I get it?’ , ‘That’s a good idea’ and many other similar phrases, despite being 52 pages the book is rammed with information; you’ve only to check out the the Table of Contents to see what I mean:

Fireworks Basics
A Brief History of Fireworks
How Fireworks work

Remote / Cable Release

The Right Location
Research the Conditions
Foreground and Background
Camera Orientation

Photographing the Show
Before the Show
During the Show
End of the Show

Tricks of the Trade
Getting There (Early)
Packing Up
Start Shooting – and Keep Shooting
Wrapping Up

It might sound kind of crazy but I’ve never actually photographed fireworks so I was learning tips and tricks from page 1 but that’s the great thing about the book…as well as the basics there’s gems of information dotted about that I found myself more than once taking notes in Evernote; you NEVER stop learning right?!?

Anyway look, I could go on but needless to say I think it’s a great book and definitely one to add to your virtual book shelf and at just $5 it’s a done deal.

Way to go Alan!

•You can order and download a copy of the book direct from the Peachpit website here [Link]

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