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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 28, 2014

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Hi Folks,

So it’s the day before the first ever UK Photography Show starts so I’m currently checking over my presentations making sure everything is in order.

In addition to that I’ll also be giving my Successful Shoots…Guaranteed talk tomorrow morning to an invited audience which is being filmed in preparation for a project we’re currently working on, so a busy few days ahead but I can’t wait!

Anyway getting back to today’s post I’ve a few things to share with you so let’s get cracking…

First off here’s a couple of new pictures which very nearly weren’t 🙂

Well what I mean by that is the original files were ones that I’d disregarded and considered as rejects from a photo shoot, mainly because of being test shots and being underexposed, lighting not quite right and so on. However just a little time in Lightroom and Photoshop and it can be fun seeing if you can salvage something…

I’ve never been one for throwing files away. I tend to keep everything from a photo shoot and nowadays doing so isn’t such an issue as the price of memory storage is getting less and less.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I’ve recently had a completely new Backing Up system installed and I’ll be putting some videos together so you can see what I’ve gone for any why. Whilst moving files over it’s been a great excuse for having a tidy up and organising things a lot better and it’s doing this that meant I stumbled across these two files and couldn’t resist having a play.

If you missed this week’s episode of my podcast / show then I take you through the complete retouch of the image above. The episode is slightly longer than normal as it’s around the 30 minute mark but there’s a lot of stuff packed in. You can check it out on my YouTube Channel here [Link]

Also you can check out larger / better screen quality versions over on my 500px page here [Link]

This past week I made some changes to my Monthly Newsletter sign up page whereby now when you subscribe I’ll send you a link to download a FREE Photoshop Special Effect Snow / Debris brush that you can install and use on your own pictures.

The next issue of my newsletter will be coming out in just over a week so if you’ve already subscribed you’ll be getting the link too…I couldn’t miss you out now could I? 🙂

If you haven’t yet subscribed you can do so by clicking on this [Link] or by clicking on the NEWSLETTER option in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Subscribers generally will get 1 email each month updating on all kinds of things including new tutorials, downloads, reviews, news, discounts on tutorials / workshops and more.

If you’re coming along to the UK Photography Show starting tomorrow, I’ll be there teaching classes each day (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) so be sure to stop by and say hi.

Here’s a reminder of the sessions I’ll be covering over the days on the Adobe Stages PLUS for those of you who sit in I’ve prepared a little extra something for you 😉

Right that’s all from me so have a great weekend whatever you’re up to an hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you at the NEC over the coming few days.


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