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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 26, 2012

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Hi Folks,

I’ve a new picture to share with you today; one from a recent studio shoot with International Illusionist and DJ Michael Otton [Link]

I first met Michael when I photographed the cast of the stage production of Cinderella [Link] last year in which Michael played the role of Buttons and singer Jonathan Ansell played the role of Prince Charming.

Regarding the actual shoot Michael got in touch as he wanted to revamp his promo images for his DJ’ing so we opted for a studio shoot with a view to creating the look and feel of him ‘working the decks’ (not sure if that’s what you call it but hey you know what I mean) during post production.

With regards to the studio set up my buddy Gareth Davies and I set up 4 lights, namely two rear lights, the main key light shot into a silver reflective umbrella and then to brighten up the shadows to the front of the deck and also to kick a little extra light into Michael’s face, another light with reflector to the front:

•Note that the lighting wasn’t set up in anyway to be soft as the idea here was to try and light Michael as if he was actually in a club where the lights are generally bare and quite hard.

We had such a laugh shooting the images, blasting out sounds on the studio’s sound system whilst Michael did a great job of interacting with the imaginary part goers…in fact he was way too convincing at it 🙂

Here you see one of the out of camera images and next to it the final edit:

There’s lots more images to work on as Michael went through a few clothing changes so I’ll be sure to share a couple more from the shoot at some point. Also as Michael is an Illusionist and member of the famous Magic Circle we’ll be arranging another shoot to cover the promotional work for this too; my mind is already buzzing with ideas for that one 🙂

Right,best I head off to the Ole Smoke so I’ll bid you farewell and catch you tomorrow,

Glyn 🙂


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  1. DaveT

    As always Glyn, an excellent BTS post (I really do like these as they are so informative.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Russ Robinson

    Commercial music photography happens to be my niche, so this image really hits home for me. Nice job with the lighting effects in post! 🙂

  3. Neil glover

    Fantastic post work on this image Glyn. I’d love to see a video of camera shot to final image on this if you are so inclined to create and share.

    As always a great BTW post.

  4. Dave Dillon

    Great shot, would love to see a full workup of the PS work on this one as well! Always great to see before/after shots, thanks Glyn!

    • Glyn

      Hey thanks for the comments folks and the ideas about showing a video of this; I’ll see what I can put together asap 😉

  5. Kevin Halliburton

    I really like your use of hard light here Glyn. I’m doing more bare reflector and mid-day sun work myself. It breaks a lot of rules but it sure produces an image that stands out from the crowd when it’s done right, and buddy, this one is done RIGHT!

    • Glyn

      Wow …Thanks so much for the comment Kevin; very kind of you mate 🙂



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