New Picture PLUS Making Of with Elinchrom D Lite One

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 15, 2014

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Well, what a fabulous weekend!

One thing I especially love about this time of year is getting together with friends, and this weekend we did exactly that.

On Saturday I was over with a group of close friends to surprise our dear friend Noel Hannan for his 50th Birthday. His wife Catherine had somehow managed to keep it secret that we were all heading over for a meal and get together, so when he arrived back home having been strategically encourage to go to the cinema, it was such a great surprise. So much laughter my sides hurt at the end of the evening.

Not all the group could make it for the evening but all sent in their wishes to Noel, but seeing as a few of us were there I thought it would be a great opportunity to grab some quick portraits; I’m of the opinion that any chance we can grab to take photographs of friends then we should do it!

Anyway I took along just one lens (70-200mm f/2.8 is II) and for lighting an Elinchrom D Lite One and the Elinchrom 44cm Square Reflector and Grid; one of my favourite combinations for simple one light portraits when indoors; light, portable, and I love the square reflector for the light fall off it gives.

I also took a sheet of black card to be held behind each person when being photographed but in all honesty because the light was in close and using the principles of the Inverse Square Law, the light fall off was rapid…


Here’s one of the results of the set up; this one being of my dear friend and fellow photographer Jonathan Thompson…


•Be sure to check out the larger/better screen quality version over on my 500px portfolio page here [LINK]

Feel free to drop any questions into the comments section below but in the mean time, have a great week and if you see any friends…grab their portrait!

Have a good one,

ps> Check out Jonathan’s website; he’s a commercial food photographer and is absolutely ROCKING it!!! [LINK]

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  1. Tony

    Great work, thanks for sharing, Glyn! Any insight on some of the post-processing you did to accomplish the dramatic look?

  2. Jonathan Thompson

    What a fantastic evening this was only topped by the company, the best group of people you could wish to call your friends.

    Thanks for the fantastic portrait Glyn, looking all rough and tough, deep sea fisherman like… Sooooo far from the truth but I love taking on a new character.
    Thanks for the mention and the link too.


    JT 🙂

  3. Mark Wood

    Excellent as ever Glyn, would love to see how you processed this afterwards please.

  4. Doug Gardner

    Would you get a similar effect with an 18 inch round reflector with grid?


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