New Pictures from my Photography & Photoshop Workshop

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 22, 2013

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with you.

Today I’ve a couple of new pictures to share with you that are actually some of my results from my Dynamic Duo Photography & Photoshop Workshop last Saturday.

Our model for the day was Photographer Glenn Richardson whom you’ll recognise from my Wolverine and Skinfull pictures.

The day was split into two sections with the first half of the day being Photography but also talking through how to plan and prepare for a successful photo shoot.

With regards to the photography side of things we covered lighting for composites as in this picture below called Tough Guy:

One of things I love about planning a photo shoot is how doing so really helps when it comes to setting up the lighting you want during the actual shoot. Some people may think that it’s always a 3 light set up when in reality that certainly isn’t the case. For example…if I was going to place somebody in a scene where they may be stood near a street light at night then I would only really think of using 2 lights i.e. one to represent the light coming from the street light and then another to act as a fill light and put and bring out a little more detail in the shadow areas. Basically, lights are place in certain places in order to replicate the light that will be in the the picture eg sun light, moon light, street light and so on…

Low Key / Limited Light
I also touched on using limited light which is a style I love to use when photographing physique athletes and also for adding mood / atmosphere into a picture:

HUGE thanks to Glenn for modelling and also to everyone who came along and made it such a great day followed of course by the obligatory curry and social.

I’ll be announcing new workshop dates very soon so if you’d like to come along be sure to keep an eye both here and over on my Facebook page.

Right, that’s all from me for today so whatever you’re up to, have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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