New Workshop: The Art of Physique Photography

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 21, 2012

Category: General

Hey Folks,

I’m really excited to let you know about a brand new workshop I’m launching today called…The Art of Physique Photography

“A Muscular Physique is like a piece of sculpture, a piece of art, and our photography needs to treat it as such”

Drawing on my experience as an ex Competitive Bodybuilder in this workshop I’ll be showing you how to create dramatic portraits of muscular / athletic  physiques.

We’ll be covering:

  • Lighting set ups
  • Working with Physique Models / Athletes
  • Posing Tips / Tricks and Techniques
  • Tips & Tricks to help your model to model and make their physique look the very best ‘in camera
We’ll also cover retouching using Lightroom & Photoshop to add the finishing touches and perfect the images:
  • Body Shaping for symmetry
  • Dodging & Burning
  • Adding Details
  • How to add drama
  • Black & White conversions and much more…
Extra information:
I’m incredibly excited about the calibre of physique athletes we’ll be working with at this workshop; some of the bet the UK and the World has to offer!!!
Date: Sunday 10th February 2013
Time: 10am – 5pm
Location: Wokingham, Berkshire
Price: £149 per person

*Limited to 12 attendees

Special Offer
If you book a place on the workshop before midnight on Monday 26th November, ticket price is just £99 (saving of £50!!!)

Don’t miss out…Click here to BOOK NOW [Link]

Hope to see you there,


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  1. Paul Grundy

    Hi Glyn.. I thought you may like my honest opinion as to why I am unsubscribing from your ‘blog’ It seems to me that this blog has simply turned into a sales promotional channel. I seem to get daily emails that do nothing for me and just pitch tickets for your next workshop. A good blog to me is one that shares knowledge and teaches something interesting to it’s readers for free.
    I have seen that on here, but not for a while, and certainly not often enough for me to want to stick around. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I am a professional photographer, and if this works for you then the very best of luck and continued success. I am really just giving you my opinion and explaining why I am leaving. Best wishes to you and yours.

    • Glyn

      Hi Paul,
      Ok so having read your comment my question to you is…”What do you expect me to say?”
      I put a lot of time and work darned hard on this blog and have done for some time. A blog to me is an online diary…a way to say what’s going on, to promote conversation, to show the occasional tutorial, behind the scenes and yes as a working photographer who teaches workshops…to promote them too.

      Looking at the past few weeks, let’s say the month of November at which we’re now on the 21st…there have been 3 mentions of workshops/seminars…3 in 21 days…how is that a sales pitch? Amongst the other posts there has been a FREE tutorial, BTS post, book recommendation, discussion (is there money in photography), App recommendation, diary of events from my trip to Kelby Training to record classes…

      The blog is also a way for people to get to know the reader and not to simply take from them in the form of FREE tutorial after FREE tutorial.
      I guess if this is what you’re after then yeah my blog isn’t for you and you’ve made the right decision. For what it’s worth I like to use my blog as a way of connecting with folks who have similar interests and a way of connecting with folks I may never get the chance to meet. I have met many people who read my blog and made some great friends along the way and I look forward to this continuing.

      Not sure but do you blog? and if not I’d be very interested in details of some that you do follow.

  2. Catherine

    This workshop looks great, so have signed up already! Can’t wait for Feb!

  3. Stewart Wood

    Simple – Free does not pay the bills! I can’t make it to this workshop but as all ways I enjoy reading your blog Glyn.

  4. Paul Grundy

    Hi Glyn.. no I don’t blog and I have the greatest of respect to those who find the time and energy to do so.
    However, that’s not to say that every reader should agree with everything a blogger does. To say a reader is just taking by not interacting is pure nonsense. The act of reading a blog is interaction. Or do you only want happy happy comments from your fans?
    Off the top of my head I read blogs by Alex Koloskov, Alex Stepanov and occasionally the BTS videos of Dave Hill, there are others that don’t come to mind just yet. I do like a to learn from others, that is interaction, and I also leave comments and ask questions about tutorials and video’s they post, more interaction.
    Maybe you are a bit jet lagged Glyn and need some more rest. You should take all comments with a little more professionalism, good and bad. It was only my personal reason for leaving, it’s not the end of the world.

  5. Bill Thomas

    Paul –

    Sounds like you do a lot of taking and no giving.

    When someone like Glyn is willing to share his hard earned knowledge and experience with the world, it’s a gift. Because you’ve never run a blog you can’t be expected to understand the amount of work that goes into it, but let me tell you it’s immense.

    So when someone, (who you’ve taken knowledge from on a regular basis as stated in your post), says to you “Hey pal, I’ve got a class coming up if you’re interested.” and you get all whiny and pissy it’s really telling of your character.


    A guy who’s sick of all the freeloaders and leaches online

  6. Gary Nicholls

    Glyn is an inspiration. If it was not for him I would not know half the stuff I do. I would not be a member of NAPP and my photography and photoshop skills would not have made the leaps and bounds they have since reading his blog. No problem with promoting his workshops as I have been on one and he is a superb teacher. (I was one once so I know a good one when I see one) On top of that his wife makes a mean fruit cake!

  7. Rob McDonagh

    Sorry Glyn, You’re going to have to put up with me again, looks like fun, see you there.

  8. DaveT

    Hi Glyn,

    I’ve said it before, and will repeat myself here THANKS of all that you share with us!! I appreciate what you do, and have learned along the way.

    IMHO a blog serves many purposes, one of which is sharing your passion (whoops – shouldn’t use that word- I’ve just seen the GRID)and another is that it is a means of marketing and attracting increased visitors to the site. It can of course do both and I think your blog is, on the whole, balanced. At the end of the day, I totally accept that you are in business, and I have watched it grow from strength to strength. Therefore, I have no issues with you ‘advertising’ your workshops etc.

    I have never attended your workshops and have only met you fleetingly at Focus, so I owe you no favours. But, I do appreciate what you do and want to say – Keep it going Glyn !!


  9. Kimberley

    I LOVE your stuff you are posting about physique. I am a little dissappointed you are so far away. Any chance you come to either Canada or the US for your seminars. I would be there for sure. Great work and thank you for sharing so much information.


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