News: High5 Workshop, Caricature and Frank Doorhof in the UK

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 2, 2013

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Well I’m literally just landed back in the UK after what has been an incredible week on so many levels.

It was an absolute pleasure teaching and hanging out with a really great group of people that we had attending our latest High5 Workshop; for sure some great new friendships have been made!

So now I’m back I’m just getting myself sorted before heading out to Watford, UK where I’m giving a talk / presentation to a camera club but before I go here’s just a couple of things to let you know about…

I’ve been Blaise’d
Remember I said a short while back about my new weekly video podcast launching soon? Well, of course a podcast needs a 5 second intro so I was thinking about it could include.

I put the message out across social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) asking if anyone knew of a site that does caricatures from photographs but then my buddy Aaron Blaise messaged to say he’d like to help out with it, and this is the result…

I can’t wait to see how this all comes together.

I mentioned Aaron a few posts back so if you didn’t get chance to check out his work (Disney etc) then make sure to head on over here [Link]

Frank Doorhof
I’m hoping that I’m not too late getting this message out as the latest update I had was that tickets for all the locations are virtually all gone.

My Buddy Frank Doorhof has a workshop and seminar tour coming to the UK towards the end of this month…

Sponsored by the Flash Centre the workshops will be a mix of location shooting, seminar and Q&A and are  limited to just 19 people. The venues have been specially selected to provide a range of locations both indoors and out to give a variety of looks, regardless of the weather. PLUS Nadine, Frank’s model and stylist will be on hand throughout the day.

The seminars will cover a range of topics including light metering, model coaching, styling, working with flash, understanding colour and much much more.

You can check out more information and (hopefully) grab yourself a ticket over on the Flash Centre website here [Link]

Right time to make a move so enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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  1. John Skinner

    Glyn and Frank.. in one place. I’d sell a kidney to make this.

    There are things in life that you just know would totally change your workflow, and you’re life as a shooter if you could only make it there…. The High5 is one of them.

    I envy people in EU… Canada is SO far away.

    • Glyn

      The High5 is such a good time John


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