News: My New Video Podcast, Topaz Clarity and Adobe Creative Days

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 23, 2013

Category: Videos

Hey Folks,

Today I’ve a few things to share and to let you know about so let’s get cracking…

Video Podcast
First off I wanted to show you the video intro to my upcoming video podcast / show.

I start putting the first episode together early next week once I get back from Denmark but I thought I’d give you a teaser. The video intro and bumpers (very short video clips in between each segment) have been created by ArmeeDesign based in the Netherlands.

I was amazed quite how quickly they came up with something following, it has to be said, my rather vague brief…however they came up trumps and I’m really pleased with the result.

Be sure to check out ArmeeDesign by visiting their website here [Link]

Topaz Clarity
This week one of my favourite plug in makers Topaz released their latest offering…Topaz Clarity.

As I’m lucky enough to have Topaz as one of my sponsors I’ve been using Topaz Clarity for a while now to get the chance to dive in, test it and see what I think.

Well, in short…I love it!

The recent pictures I’ve been sharing over the past couple of weeks have all had the Clarity treatment to some degree or another and what I like about it is how there’s not just one slider to increase / decrease clarity but 4 main ones which can be used to add more control over where the clarity is and how much is applied. I’m a BIG fan of the Clarity slider in Lightroom and Camera RAW as for some images it can really give them a lift and that’s the same here.

I’ll be recording a tutorial showing it being used real soon but to answer the obvious question “Why would I use it when I have Clarity in Lightroom and Camera RAW?” Well, it’s pretty much like saying why would I use Topaz Details when I have Nik Detail Extractor? The answer is because each produces slightly different results and what works on one image might not work so well on another.

Why not head on over to the Topaz site and download the free trial and give it a whirl [Link]

Adobe Creative Days comes to London
This event is one in a series of 14 Creative Days happening all across Europe as part of Adobe’s bumper Create Now World Tour. It’s taking place on Tuesday 4thJune and will be a celebration of creativity and expressiveness in the UK.

Hosted by tech enthusiast David McClelland, whom you may remember hosted the Adobe Creative Week in 2012 , Creative Day will be a showcase of all the latest and greatest offerings from Adobe and the Creative Cloud.

Creative Day will be packed with lively debates, exclusive demonstrations and inspirational case studies – all broadcast online at from 9.45am.

In addition to that there’s the chance for you to be in the live audience. Now these seats are going to go fast and indeed may well have gone already but give the registration a whirl and fingers crossed you’ll snap one up and I’ll see you there.

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.


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