News: New Picture, Tether Tools and Uli Staiger in London!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 16, 2013

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Hey Everyone,

I hope all is good with you.

For today I have a few things to share with you including a New but Old picture, a new article and some great news about my friend Uli Staiger.

Ok so here goes…

The Zone
This week I’ve been having a sort through some external hard drives in preparation for a revamp with my backing up workflow thanks to my mate Chris Fields of CHNO Technology.

Anyway, long(ish) story short I came across this image from a shoot back at the beginning of 2012 with UK Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer and Writer Mehmet Edip. I’ve already published my favourite picture from the shoot which is and have actually deleted all but one other; one until now I’ve never published.

As I’ve always been in two minds whether I like it or not I posted it across my social media sites on Monday and had some great comments and feedback so I’ve now had a change of heart and uploaded it to my 500px portfolio.

You can check it out on 500px here [Link]

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave their thoughts.

Tether Tools – Better When You Tether
Recently I was contacted by Tether Tools who make all the tethering equipment I use (and wouldn’t be without) about an article in their series “Better When You Tether.

“If I was to pin point one thing that helped to take my photography to the next level, without hesitation I’d say it wasn’t the newest camera, it wasn’t the most expensive lens…it was when I started tethering; and we could be here for a month of Sundays if I was to start listing the benefits!” – Glyn Dewis

The article is all about why I tether and how I feel it has made such a big difference to my work and how I work and has already featured articles by photographers such as Joe McNally, Eddie Tapp and Jim DiVitale.

You can check out the article here [Link]

Yay!!! My friend Uli Staiger is finally coming to London!!!
If you’re into Photography, Digital Art, 3D and you can get to London this is DEFINITELY something to look at joining!

Thanks to Train to Create, from the 6th to 8th December Photographer and Digital Artist Uli Staiger will be presenting a Seminar AND 2 Day workshop…

Founder of the studio, Die Licht Gestalten (To Create Light) in Berlin, Uli Staiger specialises in digital imaging and has developed a distinctive and extraordinary style that distinguishes him from other artists. Over the course of three days, Uli Staiger will demonstrate how to incorporate Cinema 4D and photoshop, showing how the addition of 3D can enhance photographic work.  Celebrated for its intuitive interface and ease of use, Cinema 4D is an excellent tool for creating and enriching powerful digital art.  Over the three-day event, you will understand how to best utilise the software for your own work!

Check out this [Link] for more details and to secure a place because this is gonna ROCK!

Quite simply…look up the word ‘Awesome’ in the dictionary and you’ll see Uli mentioned…well, maybe not but you bloomin should do!

Right that’s all from me for today so have a FAB Wednesday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow for a new and slightly different episode of my weekly video show.


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