NEWS!!! Unlimited Spaces for my Photoshop Fast & Furious Webinar

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 26, 2012

Category: General

Hi There,

Today I want to let you know about something that I’ve had to change…but for the better I promise 🙂

On Sunday I’m running my Free Photoshop Fast & Furious webinar where I’ll be covering a whole mix of fast and exciting Photoshop tips and techniques; the kind of stuff I went through during my class at Photoshop World, but I’ll also be including some extras that I’ve not shared yet.

Now, here’s the thing…

There was only space in this free webinar for 60 people and the spaces filled up in next to not time; 2 hours I think. Anyway, notice the word ‘was‘ because you see I’m changing things so that now the webinar has unlimited spaces!

On Sunday I have a really important meeting that has come up and it’s not something I can miss so rather than tell you I’m not doing it on Sunday and we have to reschedule the webinar, I’m pre recording it so you can watch it anytime…that’s better right?

Now, for you to get access to this free online training , if you haven’t already signed up all you need to do is subscribe to my free newsletter here [Link] and then I’ll be sending out the link and password this Sunday evening.

Of course you can watch the training as often as you like and if you have any questions I can answer them through email, Facebook, in the comments section, Twitter, Google+…so many ways 🙂

Ok that’s all for today…I’m heading off into London now to catch up with friends and then this evening heading over to Cut & Paste; gonna be a blast!
Enjoy 🙂

Sign Up for the Free Webinar Recording by registering here [Link

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  1. Michael

    Now that is the best news of the day so far! Thanks Glyn.

  2. david rogers

    Sometimes things come up and diversions have to be made. I think this is an admirable way for Glyn to handle this session. Since it was free anyway.

    Serge – if Glyn hasn’t already responded to you, perhaps I can clarify. The “Sold Out” is simply a terminology used by Eventbrite when all available tickets have been taken/booked regardless of the ticket price.

    The “Unlimited Spaces” is what Glyn can now offer for the viewing of his presentation as it will be pre recorded. Previously it was live and as such had a limited number of connections available.

    The key thing here is make sure you are on his mailing list and you will then get the link to the recording on Sunday.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Nikki

    That’s awesome news, Glyn. Thanks!! 🙂

  4. Serge

    Thank you for the answer. Much appreciated.

  5. DaveT

    Excellent news Glyn.

    Thanks for making it available in this format- its a great idea as I can watch it at my convenience and go back to cover any areas that need more reinforcement.


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