No More Tethering Issues with Lightroom and Mac OSX Lion

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 12, 2011

Category: General

Whenever I’m shooting in the studio, and indeed where possible whilst out on location, I’m doing so with my camera tethered directly to my MacBook Pro. Why? Well as good as the display on the back of my D3 is, you can’t beat seeing the images appear on the much larger 17″ which is great for checking all the finer details. In addition to that another advantage is that the images are immediately being put into the computer and instantaneously being backed up on an external hard drive, just incase the unthinkable should happen.

Well until recently there’d been no problems with this set up, until that was I upgraded the MacBook to the latest OS release from Apple, OSX Lion.

I’d start a shoot and the first few images would appear but then nothing…not even the spinning wheel of death indicating the computer was’ thinking’ of doing it. I tried everything…turning the camera on and off, re-starting Lightroom, trying the Sofortbild tethering software, but nothing fixed it.

A scout around the internet revealed that others too were experiencing the problem which was indeed down to OSX Lion but thankfully only a short time later (end of August) Adobe addressed the matter.

Adobe have now made available a ‘Pre Release Candidate‘ to download and install from Adobe Labs. In case you don’t know what a ‘Release Candidate‘ is, it’s basically an ‘update’ that has gone through all the testing and is about ready to release automatically in the Software Updates.

Anyway, I’ve now installed this Release Candidate and can happily report back to you I’m experiencing no more tethering issues. In fact quite the contrary, as importing images from the camera seems to be a lot quicker than it was before, so if this is the sign of things to come in the new version of Lightroom then it’s happy days indeed!

You can download and install the Adobe Lightroom 3.5 Release Candidate here [Link]

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. DaveT

    That’s the trouble with new releases of operating systems, it sometimes takes a while for software companies and manufacturers to catch up. Thumbs up to Adobe for addressing the issue.

    Mind you I can’t say the same about some other companies – I bought a I-one display 2 X-rite monitor calibration spider in February (at Focus on Imaging). Now, I read that the product wont work with OSX Lion and the company have no plans to provide support for it as they have produced a new range of calibration devices.

  2. steve bryson

    Just to be clear – installing the Adobe RC fix didn’t fix Sofortbild’s issue? Or did it?

    DateT – That seriously sucks. If a hardware manufacturer isn’t going to support OS upgrades I’d be wary of them for future purchases – good to know as I’ve got the Spyder 3 Studio that I wasn’t 100% happy with so was going to ditch on ebay and buy X-Rite – I won’t bother now!


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