Oxford World Wide Photo Walk: 3 Days to go…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 28, 2011

Category: General

With just 3 days to go until this year’s Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk, I thought I’d post up just a few hints/tips and general advice to help make sure you get the most out of your day and above have fun and stay safe…

First off though I highly recommend you head on over to Scott’s own blog and read through his 7 tips for Walkers that he posted up earlier this week…

Just to add to Scott’s tips, here’s a few pointers that are mainly for those of you who are joining me in Oxford this coming Saturday but do still hold some relevance no matter where you’ll be, along with details of more prizes on offer…

1) Parking
Now, parking in Oxford, is well….’Challenging‘ to put it politely but that being said the City does offer a superb park & Ride Facility. There’s several Park and Ride locations dotted around the outskirts of the City so it’s worth checking out the Official Park & Ride website to see which is best for you [Link]

I’ll be coming into Oxford from the direction of the M40 so I’ll be using the Thornhill Park & Ride, which like all the others gives Free Parking and a ‘cheap as chips’ return trip on the bus into Oxford for just £2.20 each or £4.00 for a couple

Be warned though, these Car Parks do fill up and seeing as we’re walking on a Saturday that’s going to happen fairly quickly so why not get into Oxford nice and early and make a day of it.

2) Weather
Looking at the Weather forecast for the weekend it looks like we’re in for quite a warm day so just a ‘heads up’ for you to give some thought about what you’re going to wear and carrying.

3) Keep ’em Peeled
Oxford is undoubtedly a beautiful City with so much to see but like anywhere in the world where you’re going to get a high concentration of people there’s always the risk of ‘thieves’. With that in mind, be sure to keep a close eye on your kit and that of others on the walk too.

On that note, you might want to take read this article that I caught yesterday [Link]

4) Prizes, Prizes, Prizes
As well as being a superb social event with the chance of winning some fantastic prizes, I’ll also be running a couple of extra competitions on the day.

Thanks to the folks over at the NAPP and Kelby Training I have a number of superb training DVD’s and Books to give away as prizes and those will be for photographs that fall into following categories:

  • Mobile Phone Photo of the Day
  • Perfect Timing (For all you Street Photographers)

5) One more thing…
Again for those of you joining me in Oxford, as it says on the Walk’s Official Web Page, we’re meeting up in Radcliffe Square which is where you’ll find the Radcliffe Camera.

It’s real easy to find but just to make life easier, as you come into the City Centre on the Park & Ride, you’ll need to get off outside the Carfax Tower Bus Stop. From there cross over the road and continue walking in the direction of the City Centre for about 1 minute and then turn into Catte Street which is directly opposite the Old Bank Hotel, and that will bring you into Radcliffe Square

Right that’s all for now so here’s wishing you all a fabulous weekend of Photo Walks and for those of you coming along to Oxford, I’ll see you soon,
Enjoy 🙂

• • •

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  1. Brian Worley

    See you on Saturday, I hope you found ‘a bigger pub’ cos with a full walk of great people ‘we’re gonna need a bigger pub’

    • Glyn

      Brian, I think it’s going to mean a ‘full invasion’ of Oxford 🙂

  2. Tim Pursall

    Gutted I’m missing this Glyn. I’m in Swansea on a prior commitment. Would love to have joined you. Next year! Have a great ‘walk’.

  3. Keith Hammond

    really looking forward to this, it’s going to be a great day with such a large turn out, i think i heard a rumour that the host gets the first round in, is that true 😉

  4. David Kelly

    Thankfully I can actually make this WWPW after missing out on the previous two. Our worries about the weather for an October date thankfully have been allayed, with the (supposedly) better than Hawaii temperatures this week – I assume you or Mr Jollybottom must have got your order in early 😉

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday!

  5. Jonathan Thompson

    Really looking forward to this, it’ll be so great to finally meet so many I’ve only known from the interwebs. I’ll be coming in by train and I plan to arrive early to make a day of it, they don’t grant me day passes often so I’d better make it count 😉
    Look forward to seeing you all there.


  6. neal

    I plan on making a day of it if anyone else is around? Getting there quite early for a stroll and take in wonderful Oxford, then a spot of lunch, meeting friends afterwards for a beer all very welcome 🙂

  7. kelley

    Wish I was going to join you! We’re all full here and I’m not wanting to travel too far to join one. If I travel for one it will be to the UK. Have a fantastic event and have a beer for me!
    PS Did you see the specular highlights from the window of that store in the hallway? Wow! I had to play it back a couple of times!

    All the best to everyone joining you and be safe out there!

  8. DaveT

    Hope you all have a great day-couldn’t make this event myself.

    Had that same warning about lens theft in China last year – looks like the problem is spreading. So, do be careful people.

  9. Neal

    Arriving at Oxford Rail Station at 10.05 if anyone wants to meet up and have a walk around for some early street shots?


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