From Paddington to Print

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 30, 2014

Category: General

4 years ago thanks to Scott Kelby I met my best friend, Dave Clayton.

244007_10150265379548336_109365_oWe instantly clicked and felt like we’d known each other since school days. We’ve worked on so much together over the past 4 years and I’m more excited now about what’s to come than ever before.

This Christmas though I’ve been completely blown away having opened the post, because in it were two copies of my book; the first printed copies I’ve ever seen BUT what’s more is that these two copies are EXTRA SPECIAL.

Unbeknown to me, Dave had arranged with the publishers (Peachpit) for a SPECIAL EDITION run of just 2 to be printed with a different front cover – The Paddington to Print Edition.


Paddington Station is where we first met up; all arranged by Scott Kelby when he was over in the UK as he had a hunch we’d get on, and geez was he right.

This incredible gift from Dave is a landmark in our friendship; from meeting just 4 years ago to now my first ever book that he designed the front and rear covers for.

Dave, I’m blown away that you’ve done this. I don’t know what to say and even if I did I couldn’t verbalise it sufficiently. All I know is that I am so incredibly blessed to have you as a friend; a best friend and with Aaron Blaise … my brothers from other mothers!

There’s an old saying of “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” well, I beg to differ because my friends ARE my family and I couldn’t wish for better!



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  1. Lorenzo M.

    I’m very happy for you Glyn 😉

    • Glyn

      Thanks Lorenzo 😉

  2. Steve Healy

    Hey Glyn,

    I have had some really true good buddies like Dave, but sadly they have passed on now…. I miss them….It makes my day to hear of true friendship as you and Dave because I know what that friendship means.

    • Glyn

      Steve…Friendships like this I never imagined possible so I am incredibly thankful to this industry



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