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The Harder I Look, The Less I See

The Harder I Look, The Less I See

The Day we stop Learning, is the Day we start Dying I totally subscribe to this other than to add that the dying is refering to our 'creativity' which is why during these challenging times where many of us are living under restrictions, learning a new skill is so...

I SUCK at Landcape Photography (Video)

I SUCK at Landcape Photography (Video)

Well with it being a New Year  with that comes New Beginngings; especially after the past 12 months we've all had to endure due to the Covid 19 outbreak. So now having moved to Devon there really is no excuse for me to not get on with the landscape photography project...

Westcott Launch NEW Speedlight and more…

Westcott Launch NEW Speedlight and more…

Today FJ Westcott launch not one, but 2 new lights to their FJ range: the FJ80 Speedlight and the FJ200; an even more portable version of their FJ400 that launched last November.   Westcott FJ80 Speelight  Very much looking forward to adding this to the kit...

Dates for the Diary

March 2021

6th , 7th: The Photography Show Spring Shoots Festival (LINK)

20th: Castle Cameras YouTube Premiere (LINK TBA)

April 2021:

16th , 17th , 18th: CanAm Photo Expo (LINK)

Popular Downloads…

Popular Downloads…

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Perfect Prints


A Step by Step Guide for Successful Printing at Home

If like me you’ve struggled with printing and never able to match what your images look like on the screen compared to what they look like in print, then I’ve got you covered.

In this FREE step by step Guide I take you through everything you need to know but without all the confusing terminology, so that you can finally print in confidence and stop wasting time, and most importantly…money!

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