Full Length Photography & Retouching Tutorial showing Step by Step how to create
Classic / Timeless Portraits using Minimal kit and in Limited Space

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Covid Restrictions made me a BETTER PHOTOGRAPHER

TIMELAPSE: Dandelion opening in Morning Sunshine

TIMELAPSE: Incoming Tide at Lynmouth, Devon, UK


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Photographing Bird Life: My Camera Settings and Gear

Photographing Bird Life: My Camera Settings and Gear

Over the past 12 months since the Covid-19 Pandemic emerged and restrictions were placed on our daily lives, I've mentioned in my recent videos how not being able to take portraits has made me play with other genres of photography with a view to keeping creative, and...

Interviewed by Ron Clifford

Interviewed by Ron Clifford

A few weeks back I was invited onto Ron Clifford YouTube LIVE Channel to speak with him about all things photography.   Thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him and sharing thoughts on how we approach portraits but also what photography is really all about...

Popular Downloads…

Popular Downloads…

Photography & Retouching

Creativity Pack 3
Look Up Tables (LUT)

Creativity Pack 1
Textures, Walls & Floors

Perfect Prints


A Step by Step Guide for Successful Printing at Home

If like me you’ve struggled with printing and never able to match what your images look like on the screen compared to what they look like in print, then I’ve got you covered.

In this FREE step by step Guide I take you through everything you need to know but without all the confusing terminology, so that you can finally print in confidence and stop wasting time, and most importantly…money!

*Note: Perfect Prints PDF is included in my FREE Creativity Pack when you join my Email Community

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