PHLEARN: Aaron Nace Interview on the HSHD Podcast

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 17, 2019

Category: Podcast

It seems we say this each and every time a new episode of our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast is released containing a Guest Interview, but this one was an absolute treat to record!

Aaron Nace of PHLEARN fame definitely ranks as one of my favourites to date with it being so easy, and by easy I mean like 3 mates chatting in a pub easy. We talked about the Business of Education in Photoshop and Photography, the growth and development of PHLEARN, Likes and Dislikes of the Industry and the future.

There’s no question that Aaron has his finger on the pulse with regards to the future development of his Business and how PHLEARN is adapting but one thing in particular I’m genuinely excited about seeing is how PHLEARN are bringing in external creatives to teach on the platform; folks we likely may never have heard of but are incredibly talented.

The thought of learning new approaches from new faces excites the heck out of me so way to go Aaron because everyone has value, everyone has something new to bring to the table and there’s always more to learn.

Check out the episode by CLICKING HERE or by listening on iTunes and all other available Podcast-y places.


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