Photographing for Composites: Free Guide

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 15, 2016

Category: General

Hi Folks

Kicking the week off to let you know about a FREE PDF Download I’ve made available to members of my Email Group / Newsletter called Photographing for Composites.

This is a 7 page article that I’ve written covering lots of Tips and Techniques that I’ve learned or discovered for getting you the very best results when photographing all the images you want to make a composite.

Glyn Dewis Photographing for Composites Tip Sheet

This article goes out to every NEW subscriber about 3 days after simply adding in your email address so those of you already members will have it. But, those of you who have been members for a while now you’ll be getting a link to download it in an email that’s coming out to you later today (Monday).

So if you’d like the PDF and would like to be a member of my email group for updates, videos, tips, discounts, exclusive access to my YouTube work files and more, just add your email below.

Catch you later,

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  1. Anthony Crothers

    This is fantastic information mate, just the sort of help I was looking for to help with a personal project, awesome!
    By the way, and please don’t think I’m being churlish, but were you aware that on page 4 the last sentence above the lion picture is incomplete? I’m dying to know what you were going to say! “So these pictures are very much……………..”
    You probably did it on purpose to see if anybody noticed! In the words of Captain Mainwaring, “Well done Pike, I was waiting for someone to spot that!” Lol!

  2. Anthony Crothers

    Perhaps you could make it a competition? My guess is “……… a matter of getting the best shot in any particular situation”
    Was I close?

    • Glyn Dewis

      LOL…thanks for the ‘heads up’ mate

  3. Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

    Glyn, I am subscriber, how can we download this pdf? Thanks.


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