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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 27, 2014

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Hi Folks

How’s it going?

Ok so today I’ve an interview to share with you from when I was interviewed by Levi Sim for the PhotoFocus Podcast.

I’ve known of Levi for quite some time so it was great to finally get to sit and chat. Aside from being very talented, Levi is one of those guys you feel that you’ve known for a long time and is so incredibly easy to talk to.

During our talk we touched on how I started in the industry but concentrated mainly on the importance of Personal Projects and how I believe they play a vital part in not just developing your Photographic and Retouching skills but also the skills required when working with clients…


Here’s a run through of what we covered…

  • Who is Glyn Dewis?
  • What he’s working on
  • The importance of personal projects
  • How do you make personal projects happen?
  • Why are personal projects so important?
  • Taking personal projects seriously
  • The way you work with clients
  • Photography is a people business
  • Where to find Glyn online

My chat with Levi is in the first half of the podcast episode and in the second half there’s a great interview Photographer and PhotoFocus Writer Robert Vanelli.

CLICK HERE to listen to the Podcast

photofocus_2Right that’s all from me for now so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


>ps This weeks episode of my weekly show will be online later this as I’m just finalising some work and prep before heading out to Photoshop World in Las Vegas this coming Saturday.

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