Photographers: Deconstruct this Photo and Win!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 18, 2011

Category: General

Ok so the image you see below is from a recent promo shoot with a Band by the name of “Spriggan Mist” and today I was going to write a ‘walk through’ giving you all the behind the scenes information covering location scouting, lighting & post production…

Now, I’m still going to do the ‘walk through’ post but before I do I want to give you the opportunity to win what is undoubtedly (if you’re a photographer) the book to have right now, and that’s the new book by Rafael ‘RC’ Concepcion of the N.A.P.P. (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and Kelby Training, titled ‘Get Your Photography on the Web‘ [Link]

This book is selling like hot cakes; in fact within the first couple of days of being released Amazon sold out…it’s that good!

Thanks to RC and Dave Clayton of NAPP Member UK, I have one signed copy by RC to give away to anyone, anywhere.

How to Win
To win this signed copy all you have to do is to write in the comment section below or on Facebook what you think the lighting set up was in the shot above (the number of lights used, position/s, and modifiers) and from the closest ones I’ll randomly pick one lucky winner 🙂

You’ve got from now until next Monday (21st March) at 11am GMT when I’ll be picking the winner and will be posting up the complete ‘walk through’.

So go on give it a go and remember … “You’ve gotta be in it, to win it”
Good luck 🙂

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  1. Lee Ramsden

    Looks like an awesome book and so thought id give it a go but no doubt will be a mile out.

    ok i have 2 suggestions,

    1 – i think this shot looks very much like a composite and the lighting looks different on each. Id say a softbox on the front large guy on the left and a second light on the right to lighten the shadows.
    On the woman in red stood up i think its the same but the other way round.
    On the couple to the rear id guess with just one softbox more frontal.

    2 – is if all shot together, id have a guess with 2 softbox’s. One to the large guys left. Picking up his side and the couple to the rear, and one to the stood up females right side?

    Cool image and look forward to the write up as usual Glyn :0)

    • Glyn

      @Lee…Cheers for dropping in and giving it a go mate; I’ll keep you posted on Monday 🙂

  2. Dean Robertson

    Big fella at the front:- largish light source (softbox) camera left higher up,
    Lady in red standing:- softbox camera right, rim light from stripbox rear camera left and possibly another rear camera right
    Man in suit standing at back:- same key light source camera right but a little nearer camera axis
    Seated lady – key light camera left

    All composited into forest scene. misty/cloudy layer added on top and then vignette the whole thing.


    • Glyn

      @Dean…Same to you Buddy, thanks for stopping by and putting your suggestions forward; I’ll keep you posted 😉

  3. Pedro Vasconcellos

    ok, I shall give it a try…

    I’d say 2 strobes, one behind the front guy (maybe on a branch), pointing upwards to the tree, that is also giving hair light to the blonde woman on the right.

    And the other one on camera left, with a difusor, pointed towards the frame on a diagonal vector.


  4. DaveT

    Hi Glyn,

    Okay here goes!

    I think all the portrait images were shot as individual images in the studio against a plain backdrop and later added to the background image.

    Lady on log- sat on a chair or stool,then later placed on the log.
    Lighting = 3 lights as follows. Beauty dish above front, on same axis as camera, Key light high 45 degree angle to left of camera, fill light same angle but to right of subject.

    Man in black = 2 lights, as follows. Beauty dish above aimed downwards face on position to subject, same axis as camera. Additional strip light 45 degree angle to right .

    Lady in red = 3 lights. Key light to camera right, 45degree angle and high, additional rim light behind to provide highlight in the hair, fill light camera left 45 degree behind a flat, and at a reduced power to the key light.

    Man in kilt – 2 lights. Key light 45 degree angle camera left, and high. Additional light camera right at 30 degree angle to camera position and a strip light as opposed to a box.

    Background shot of tree and log , daylight shot, with light at mid day. Then reduced exposure in PS and tinted. Blacks enhanced and vignette added.

    People ‘dropped’ in later and shadows from original images used/ partially masked, and additional shadows created in PS.

    Probably way off – but worth a go!

  5. Terry Donnelly

    Glyn this is a tough one.

    I think all people were shot in a single frame on location and not as a composite.

    Big Guy:
    Light source cam left not to high. Because he appears evenly lit with soft light head to foot I’d say large light source, softbox or octabox. Looks like he has a bit of fill to his let side, so maybe a reflector bouncing fill light back into his face.

    Lady standing:
    Appears to have a harder light source on her than the big guy. Light source high camera right, possible beauty dish. She does have light on her right side as well, this could be from one of the other key light sources lighting one of the other people causing additional fill.

    Lady sitting and man.
    Have same type of soft light on them as big guy, so large softbox or octabox on them cam left. The mans right hand is in shadow whereas his left hand is bright, so the lady appears to be putting a shadow on his right hand which indicates a light source camera left.

    Light from softbox lighting big guy providing secondary fill for the other three people.

    They all have good separation and are backlit by a single light source positioned some distance behind the big guy under the tree, and there is light spill hitting the underneath of the branches from that light. Possible bare bulb or wide angle reflector used.

    As ever I’m probably a million miles away but look forward to seeing the setup as its not an easy one to dissect.

    • Glyn

      Thanks everyone for sending in your thoughts on the lighting; interesting how some of you thought it was a ‘composition’ 🙂


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