Photographing Brother Bill: Canon 760D and Phottix Mitros+

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 6, 2015

Category: Photography

One of the places that I’d include in the route we all walked during Saturday’s Photo Walk in Warwick was the Lord Leycester Hospital.

For nearly 200 years it was the home of Warwick’s medieval Guilds. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I it became, under the patronage of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, a place of retirement for old warriors. So it remains today as an independent charity providing homes for ex-Servicemen and their wives.  The buildings are open to visitors and can be hired for civil ceremonies, receptions, dinners, parties and other events.

It was whilst there we met up with Brother Bill; himself an ex serviceman who now lives at the Lord Leycester Hospital. Such an interesting man to speak to with countless memories I just had to take his portrait…


Here’s a Behind the Scenes photograph taken by Dave showing my great friend Brian helping me out by holding in position my Phottix Mitros+ Flash and Lumiquest III Softbox aka my Anytime Anywhere kit, which incidentally was perfect for taking around during the photo walk being so light and portable.

Note the position of the flash/softbox in that it is side on and to the front of Brother Bill so as to give the cross lighting effect which was also combined with my Invisible Black Background technique to isolate him from the surroundings…


I’ll definitely be heading back to Warwick and a return visit to photograph the gentleman at the Lord Leycester Hospital is most definitely a priority.

Thanks for looking in and as always if you have any questions please feel free to make use of the comments section below.

Catch you next time,

•Check out the LARGER version of this portrait of Brother Bill on my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

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  1. srinath pm

    nice ..but can u post a video of behind the scenes and post proccessing of anytime anywhere kit


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