Photographing Mountain Bikers with Elinchrom HS

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 20, 2015

Category: Photography

This past weekend I headed out with some friends down to Surrey and The Devil’s Punchbowl to photograph some Mountain Bikers:


Completely different to the kind of subject matter I normally shoot but this it’s always good to try other things, but also this shoot was to put the NEW Elinchrom Skyport Plus HS into action. HS stands for Elinchrom’s Hi Sync and is capable of syncing flash up to speeds of 1/8000s. For your info the picture above was captured at 1/2000sec!

Now the purpose of this post isn’t to go into detail about the new Skport Plus HS, but the video below will definitely give you an idea as to what it’s all about:

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sure to post more material showing the Skyport Plus HS in action but I have to say, not only is the Hi Sync incredibly impressive and yes, a GAME CHANGER; the display and control it gives is simply fantastic! To now visually see and control everything about all your flashes so simply and easily is a dream come true!

For the Mountain Biker picture above, here’s something to give you an idea of the lighting set up:

Oh, and re the kit, I used 2 x Elinchrom ELB 400’s fitted with Elinchrom LTD 40cm Maxi Spot Reflectors; one far left aimed to the back of the rider and the other to the far right pointing back to the rider although not directly but feathered slightly. Shot at f/4.0 with a pre set focus and 1/2000sec.


Anyway I’ll have more pictures to share from the day, but for now thanks to friends Brian Dukes, Brian Worley, Mark Hall and of course Patrick Dukes and all the gang for a fun, adrenaline packed day.


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