Photographing ‘The Fogg’

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 31, 2008

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Despite the title of this post, it’s not quite what it sounds like. I was actually over in Acton, West London last night photographing a band who call themselves ‘The Fogg’. I first heard them last year when I was photographing the 2nd Annual Heathrow Summer Ball but because of how busy the night was I didn’t really get the chance to enjoy it; last night though certainly made up for it.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a live band, and these guys, who were going through a rehearsal, were simply AWESOME!!! I think I might have to suggest from now on that every portrait shoot has to have a live band playing at the same time … only kidding.

The location was quite featureless inside, so it called for a bit of ‘playtime’ with some strobes. Whilst the band were playing, I was continually shooting and moving around several light stands that I’d set up … some with coloured gel’s taped over the flash head. The photos attached are just a couple out of the 200 or so shots I rattled off.

The group shot has a SB800 flash head with a red gel, off to the right about 8ft in the air, and one other SB800 on a light stand positioned to the left of camera zommed to around 105mm to focus in on the lead singer’s (Dave Ramage) face.

As for the second shot, the lighting is identical except for another flash head positioned camera left, about 8ft in the air aiming down to add a hair light.


>One more thing … if you’ve ever thought about having a live band play at your event ie wedding, birthday party in fact anything at all, I would seriously consider booking ‘The Fogg’ ( … a great bunch of guys who knock out the amazing sound!!!

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