Photography & Photoshop Workshop in Crewe with The Wolverine

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 6, 2013

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Hope you had a great weekend and those of you in the UK are enjoying the Bank Holiday.

Yesterday I was up in the Crewe, UK for my first Dynamic Duo Workshop ‘Up North’.

Was a really great day with a super enthusiastic group of people.

The workshop was held at Cloverleaf Studios in Crewe, owned by Photographer Johnathan Clover; a really great guy whom I’ve got to know through first of all putting a shout out across social media asking if anyone knew of a venue to hold a workshop in the Manchester (ish) area.

Real nice studios in a great location which also offers studio hire so if you’re up that neck of the woods I’d definitely suggest giving Johnathan a shout [Link]

As for the workshop we had a packed day of Photography and Photoshop. The first half of the day we talked through how to plan and prepare for a photo shoot and then moved onto photographing our model, himself a Pro Photographer, Glenn Richardson as Wolverine.

We worked on 2 set ups; the first being a limited light set up with just one light and then moving on to recreate my original ‘Wolverine in London‘ picture [Link]

•Check out a larger version of this picture over on my 500px portfolio page here [Link]

In the video snapshot below you can see the lighting set up for the limited light picture.

Ordinarily I’d use my beloved strip boxes with the grids fitted but i didn’t have them with me for this workshop. (The studio by the way have strip boxes, grids and many more modifiers on way).

So, without the strip boxes it was just a case of improvisation i.e. flagging off a softbox with a piece of black material to create a strip light. (Notice too that Glenn is positioned in front of the light as opposed to having it directly to his side.)

Having worked through the photography and grabbed some lunch, the rest of the day was spent in Photoshop.

Working through the Wolverine in London picture meant that we were able to not just create a final composite but also learn lots of quick and effective techniques along the way which can then be used in other images.

So, a HUGE thanks to everyone who camel along to yesterday’s workshop and a special thanks to both Glenn for modelling and Johnathan Clover (Bottom right in Grey Top) for the use of the studio and for being such a great host.

I had a blast!

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one whatever you’re up to and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Roberto

    Hi Glyn,
    great job as in your standards!
    Really looking forward to have the chance to attend other workshops with you in the future.
    The High5 experience was just wonderful!

    Cheers, Rob

    • Glyn

      Roberto…The week went by far too quickly; but yeah great memories and we’ll have to arrange a get together 🙂


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