Photoshop CS5 ~ It’s finally here!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 1, 2010

Category: Videos

So the wait is finally over and the long awaited Photoshop CS5 is now shipping 🙂

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of sites posting up mini tutorials to give an idea of what is going to be coming in this latest version so I thought I’d add a few links here on the blog for you to check out:

Looking at all the enhancements in this latest version of Photoshop, Adobe really have ‘hit the ball out of the park’. With so much added and improved it would be hard to single out any one favourite new feature but if I was pushed I would have to say ‘Content Aware Fill’ as a ‘wow’ factor but the new improved ‘Refine Edge’ just blows me away.

The main thing I’m real excited about with this latest release is how I can see my workflow time decreasing significantly. I certainly don’t see myself doing anything ‘new’ such as giving my photographs a different look; it’s more being able to get that final look alot quicker.

So from what you’ve seen so far what’s your favourite enhancement / addition? Come to think of it will you even be upgrading or are you getting everything you need out of the version you’re using at the moment? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this latest Photoshop offering from Adobe and also if you’ve got any requests for tutorials then please feel free to make use of the comments section below.

Oh and before I forget, if you want to give it a ‘try before you buy’ you can download a full version here which will last for 30 days.

Bye for now 🙂

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  1. Noel

    Hi Glyn,
    CS5 seems to be what everyone is talikng about right now. I am tempted and what with Lightroom 3 coming out, its a difficult choice but I may go with Lightroom 3 and see how I get on…

    Thanks for posting…

    • Glyn

      Hi Noel.
      Sure thing; there’s a heck of alot of enhancements in Photoshop CS5 but to justify the expense I guess you need to ask yourself how much you’re gonna use it. As you’re mainly a Lightroom user it might be wise to see how LR3 goes and if you find that you need to be doing extra editing outside of it then go for it; until then save your pennies…I’m sure there’ll something else you want anyway 🙂

  2. Simon

    It does look awesome, I look forward to seeing what you can do with it… Though I personally hold off for a few bug fixes to come out before I take the plunge with any software…

    As you know I do only a little bit o tweaking on the odd pic, Not the done things these days it seems, but I guess that makes my shots different.. good way or bad way I am not sure…

    Best wishes and hope it does what it says on the tin…..

  3. Alan Bremner

    Content Aware fill is pretty amazing but I think the new Refine Edge features are going to be the most useful for me. I’m probably also going to waste a huge amount of time playing around with Puppet Warp!! An amazing update all round.


    • Glyn

      @Alan…Yeah Content Aware Fill is incredible; that alone is going to save alot of time.
      Tend to agree with you too about the Refine Edge; no longer are complicated selections going to be a mammoth task.

      Cheers 🙂

  4. shannon

    I’m going to definitely be checking out those links, thanks Glyn. I’ve been barely using PSE7 but really want to dive into CS5. Also been using LR3 beta 2, which is great for basic edits but I would like to step it up a notch and see what I can do. ANY tutorials would be great, even just a basic “how to get started in PS CS5”. I downloaded the trial version for now and hope to find the money as I should qualify for student pricing… here’s hoping 🙂

    • Glyn

      Hi Shannon.
      Glad to hear the links are going to be useful. I really recommend checking out A.J. Wood; he’s a very good friend of mine from Dallas, TX; totally gifted at teaching Phototshop. We’ve spoken yesterday and he’s looking at coming over to the UK bringing his Photoshop Workshop; as and when I’ll add more details on the blog.

      Enjoy the trial version of CS5; let me know how you’re getting on with it and yeah no worries re the tutorials…I’ll put some together and get them up on the blog as soon as.

      All the best to you 🙂

  5. David Kelly

    Hi Glyn, for me it would have to be a toss up between content aware fill & refine edge. Extractions with hair is something I’ve never been good at and I think I’d find this enhancement really useful. However given how long I spent trying to spot heal / clone out a quite a bit of stray hair over someone’s face on a portrait short the other week (whilst still try to make it look natural), I think content aware fill would’ve done that pretty much perfectly in a couple of clicks.
    (Lesson learnt here – always pay close to hair in order to get in right in camera!).
    Just got to save the pennies now, though I think I’ll hang fire and get LR3 first as this is what I tend to use more on a daily basis.
    I thoroughly recommend the NAPP link you posted – there’s an awful lot of info there for free. What I like to learn from other photographers is what their workflow is either in LR or PS (or both). What do they see as being the key components to getting their final photograph. I guess their own personal Kelby 7, 8, 9 (or whatever) point system. So in that respect what I’d love to see in one of your future videos is what your editing workflow / approach is?

    Best wishes, David

    • Glyn

      @David…I think Refine Edge is going to be a massive time saver cos like you say extracting hair, although possible can take a long time to get just right.
      Really looking forward to seeing the final version of LR3. The Beta is a big jump and going by history Adobe are bound to add in a few extra little surprises to. So what’s your favourite/most used feature in the LR3 Beta?

      Thanks for the suggestion to do a post with video going through my Workflow and editing process; sounds like a great idea so yeah I’ll definitely do that if you think it will be useful.

      Thanks for dropping by,
      Catch up with you soon,
      Glyn 🙂

  6. David Kelly

    Glyn, I should add (just to clarify me last remark) that whilst we’ve had great insight into how you achieve the look on some of your images here, is there a tick list of enhancements or such like that you go through for each image, e.g. levels, curves, dodging/ burning, sharpening etc.

  7. JJPare

    I haven’t run CS5 through it’s paces yet, but the one thing that blew me away was just how ‘blink-and-you’d-miss-it’ fast PS loads now (in 64bit). My machine is not super-new, either (a white 24″ iMac), but it was literally seconds. At first I thought something had gone wrong with the startup. 🙂
    Considering that I occasionally use a lot of smart layers with stacked filters in my process, I’m really interested to see how that speed translates to overall processing times.

    • Glyn

      Hi Jason, thanks for dropping by mate.
      Really liking the sound of what you’re saying re the speed of CS5. It’ll be interesting to see how it runs on the new Mac when it finally gets here (darned Volcano); a purchase I was forced into you understand 🙂
      Hope all is well with you.
      Speak soon,

  8. David Kelly

    Glyn, I confess – I’ve been watching LR3 beta from the sidelines. I readily adopted LR2 beta when it was released but held off installing LR3b1. However I’m in the process of installing LR3b2 on my system to ensure that I’m up to speed with the changes prior to the full release which I expect pretty soon.
    However given what I’ve seen in the CS5 demo re: noise reduction at the RAW level, I think that’s something I’ll find really useful. Looking forward to trying it out on a few RAW files to see the difference.
    (Going off on a slight tangent I’d much rather camera manufacturers focused more on reducing CCD/CMOS noise in order to give better ISO performance that the traditional increases in MP)

    • Glyn

      @David…Hi David. Definitely a good idea to load up LR3 Beta 2 so that when it’s finally launched you’ll be up and running. With regards to the noise reduction etc in CS5 I gotta say it is extremely impressive but to be honest I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it found it’s way into the final release version of LR3; which would be superb.

      I know what you mean about the image sensor noise being improved however I must say I’m really impressed with my D3 when it comes to low light noise levels. I’d be more than happy to push it to 6400 iso and get a file with the same amount of noise that say a D200 would have had at around 800 iso. The D3s can push 25,600 iso and produce a workable file so what’s in store in the future is going to be real good for sure.

      Thanks again for dropping in and commenting; I really do appreciate it 🙂


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