Photoshop SOS: Can You Help???

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 11, 2014

Category: General

Folks, I’d really appreciate your help with this…

You know I run a YouTube Channel covering Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom right?

Well for the coming months ahead I’m looking to add in something and a new project BUT it all depends on you; let me explain…

As someone who uses Photoshop, be you a beginner or seasoned user, have you ever found yourself needing help with a certain part of a picture? Maybe there’s something you just can’t figure out and could do with some help or just pointing in the right direction.

Well, what I’d like to do is introduce something I’m calling Photoshop SOS where each week I can record videos showing how I would tackle the issue/challenge/question…and this is where you come in.


Just email me a picture that you need help on and write a few lines saying what you need help/advice with, and I may well use it in a video to give you an answer, but also at the same time everyone else benefits too.

If you’d like to take part, email me your images to and in the subject field type PHOTOSHOP SOS and let’s see how this goes.

Let’s make 2015 the year we ALL take our imagery to the next level!


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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    Morning Glyn…
    How very timely, I was just saying this morning how I’d get in touch to ask your advice on a tricky bit of sign removal in a tricky part of an image. I’ve remove some but the last bit it crucial to get spot on. The annoying thing is that it should have been removed at point of capture, a silly mistake but one we all can make.
    I’ll email it over to you. Great idea by the way, Something we’ve thought of doing but a very different subject.

    Cheers, speak soon

    JT 🙂

  2. Craig McCormick

    Now this is a cool idea!

    Time to scour the web for awful stock images and ask you to help make them “modern”, “futuristic”, “designery” and other snazzy buzz words that people who request help use 😛

    Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to seeing these episodes. I predict some cool stuff will come from this.

  3. John Skinner


    Seeing as yourself and Joel are about the only real composite people left standing with us. Here is one I can never work out.

    Scenario: You have a photo that you’ve taken to the best of your ability to match an ‘idea’ in our head. Now you’ve search the stock sites for a background that matches with your mind’s eye theme. so one goes about cutting and pasting, tweaking, and tuning it to ‘sell it’. How do you place that ultimate finished look to make a REAL shot feel as thought that STOCK shot IS one in the same? Some people place a color conditioning to the image, some throw odd lights in.. Whatever !

    I just want a way to have a stock formula as a starting place. A step in the process where I can have a place where I can go to try effects (or in this case, learn them period) to tie these images up and make the whole thing as seamless as possible. Thank you for asking the question, and thanks for your consideration.

  4. Steve Healy

    briliant idea!! I’ll start diggin’…

  5. Jessica

    I would love to do this I’m about to start the 10 a month with photoshop I have never used it and would love help. 🙂

  6. Carol Pearl

    Hi, Glyn,
    I’ve been learning 3D and love your SOS – how’d you do the ‘O’ with the rope and white parts? How ’bout a tut on that or anything in 3D! Thanks.

    Don’t have any specific image, but am confused by the texture folders – when do you use the Diffuse folder and when do you use the Environment folder at the bottom? I think I’m getting a grip on the Bump folder. Can’t seem to find any info on this. Thanks!


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