Photoshop Techniques for making GREAT Extractions / Cut Outs

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 29, 2013

Category: General

Morning Folks,

Hope you had a great weekend.

We’re just about to kick off Day 3 of the High5 Workshops and today is Photoshop Retouching Day.

We’ll be retouching four images from scratch going through a mixture of techniques for Beauty/Fashion, Compositing, Portrait Retouching and more PLUS some tips and tricks along the way.

Over the past couple of days it’s been great to get so many questions from everyone here and one question/topic that comes up most often is with regards to making cut outs / extractions.

When it comes to working on compositing images,  the cut out/selection is the easy part; well I say ‘is’ the easy’ part but I should add to that “so long as the photography part is right” and by that I mean, as much as possible the right background was used and also the lighting choice can help a lot too.

This we covered during the past couple of days and today being the retouching day is when it will become clearer as to why certain choices are made.

Anyway before I head out, as we’re talking about making selections and cut outs, here’ a couple of videos I recored and added onto my YouTube page covering exactly that.

Sure there are many ways we can make cut outs / extractions and my favourite tool is definitely the pen tool, but in the videos you’ll see some techniques and tricks to use too; the more techniques we know, the better right 🙂

Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

•   •   •

Video 1

Video 2

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  1. Jeff Remas

    As usual, your tutorials are very to the point and easily understood. I appreciate your gift of teaching and hope to see you doing a class in the US sometime in the near future. South Florida would be great!

    • Glyn

      Jeff…I’m working on it 😉

  2. Sandy

    Thank you! Very helpful! you are a very good teacher

  3. Ron Kirkwood

    Great video Glyn. I had been struggling with extracting completely the hair. Thanks for your generous contribution to the art. I hope to see you in Vegas at Photo Shop World.


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