PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Matching Foreground and Background #26

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 5, 2013

Category: Videos

Hey Everyone

It’s Thursday which means a new episode of my Weekly Show is now Online!!!

Ok so for this episode I’m kind of linking in with a video I posted earlier this week about compositing. You see over the past few months whilst I’ve been giving more and more talks at camera clubs I’ve noticed there are certain ‘retouching’ questions that come up more than most.

The video earlier this week was aimed at answering the ‘perspective’ question I get when folks ask how to get the angle of the background and the angle of the subject you’re adding in to match; you can check out the video here [Link]

For today’s video which is now Episode 26 I’m covering something I recorded a while back but amongst a much longer video containing several other techniques.

One of the reasons I’ve shortened each episode to around the 10 minute mark (approx) is because I think if it’s too long then content gets missed for a whole heap of reasons.

So here then is a technique all on it’s own to show a way that you can quickly and easily match the colour/temperature of the background and subject (when compositing) so that the two look more natural together and much more in tune to help it look as though they were shot ‘together’…if that makes sense.

Hope you like it…

As always if you have any questions / comments then please feel free to drop me an email to or leave a comment in the section below.

Ok that’s all from me for today so thanks for dropping and hey if you’d let others know about my YouTube Channel and the content I post out each and every week I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks and catch you tomorrow,

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  1. henk jan van boeijen


    Thanks for sharing all this great stuff with us.

    Truly inspirational.


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