PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to turn a BAD picture into a GREAT picture #37

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 26, 2014

Category: General

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that the latest episode of my weekly podcast / show is now ONLINE!!!

This week I take you through the entire retouch of a picture from out of camera to the finished print ready version BUT focusing on how to turn a BAD picture into a GREAT picture.

The original starting image was a test shot taken at the very start of a photo shoot and actually a file I’d completely disregarded and thought of as a throw away HOWEVER seeing as I keep all the files from every shoot, from time to time I’ll revisit these throw away images to see if something can actually be done to make it portfolio worthy…

The technology we have at our finger tips these days with incredible sensors in our cameras and constant updates and improvements to Lightroom and Photoshop is definitely allowing us to push things that much further than we ever could; to the point where we can (at times) literally make something from nothing.

That being said, you can’t and never will beat getting the best possible file in camera but it’s a a lot of fun playing that’s for sure 🙂

Hope you like the video and as always feel free to share it with as many others as you like.

Thanks for the support and I’ll catch you here next time,

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  1. John Skinner

    Great tutorial Glyn.

    That bit with the lights added and the different than usual color gradient really made it pop. I was a little shocked at he final image size being 1.32 GIGS !! WOW. I don’t think my system will handle an image that size on a good day.

    But it was a lot of food for thought on the ‘looking back through older images’ and see what can be done.

    THANKS for all this great and valuable content. I have taken away SO much for the last year or so following you and your style.

    • Glyn

      Thanks John and thanks for looking in; I really do appreciate the support. 😉


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