Photoshop Tutorial (Video): Adding Light Spill / Reflection

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 15, 2013

Category: Videos

Hi Folks,

Today I’ve a video to share with you.

I’ve recently finished writing a tutorial for Practical Photoshop Magazine showing the complete retouch from start to finish of my Spriggan Mist Band picture.

In the full tutorial, which is due to in the March 2013 issue, amongst other things I show how to turn a day scene into a night scene, how to use the Color Range in Photoshop to make seemingly tricky selections of the sky, lighting effects and more…

Before the tutorial is published though I thought I’d take a small piece of it and show how in the picture I added the light spill / reflection from off the carriage lamp.

The video is just 7 minutes long so if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to make use of the comments sections below; of course feel free to share it too.

Ok, whatever you’re up to have a great day and I’ll catch now back here tomorrow.


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  1. Rich

    Nice tut m8, thanks for sharing

  2. Rob Potter

    Awesome tutorial Glyn. Thanks heaps for sharing! =)

  3. Mark Imhof

    WoHoooo!!!! Excelent!
    So I will be reading it on my iPad on the Flite to London in March, Perfect!

  4. antony lampitt

    Thank you for sharing. Your tips have been a great help, I hope you make many more.

  5. Joe

    Hi Glyn, A big thank you on this tip. I am so going to use this on a design I am working on. I cannot wait for the March issue!

    Thank you!

  6. DaveT

    Great tutorial Glyn,

    Do you use a Wacom tablet and pen for your editing?

    Also, when you have done a lot of layers as in this image, do you save a copy of your work as a PSD file with all the layers intact, or do you flatten it when you have finished ‘finessing’ it.


    • Glyn

      Hi Dave,

      Yeah definitely use a Wacom tablet and pen for editing (Wacom Intuos5). Re the layers thing, I do keep them all ie once finished I save the image back into Lightroom as either a psd or TIFF (just in case I need them later for a magazine etc)

      Hope all is well,
      Glyn 🙂

  7. DaveT

    Thanks Glyn.

    All is well here – just a few inches deep in snow.So opportunity to dive into the Kelby Training videos you put me onto.


    • Glyn

      DaveT…Nice one; enjoy 🙂


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