Photoshop Tutorial Video: Taming Refine Edge

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 27, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Thanks for stopping by.

Today I’ve a short Photoshop tutorial video I’ve recorded for you.

Hope you like it.

Photoshop Tutorial
In this tutorial l take you through the two step process I use for extracting/cutting out people from their backgrounds when I want to then composite them into another scene.

Of course it’s not the only technique I use because each picture is different and calls for a different work around, but this one I find works great for extracting people that have something I don’t have all that much of…hair 🙂

I started using this technique because I could never seem to get the results from Photoshop’s Refine Edge that everyone else seemed to be gettingbut don’t get me wrong, Refine Edge is quite simply AWESOME, however like almost everything in Photoshop, despite how good it is, it’s very rarely a one click fix…if you know what I mean.

I used to find that I would make a great selection of the subject’s body but then when using Refine Edge to pick up all the fine/stray hairs on their head it would then affect the selection of the body…not anymore though.

So here’s how I make two separate selections…one of the body and one of the head/hair PLUS also I’ve thrown in a couple of extra little tips/tricks too.

Being able to make great selections is definitely one of the essential skills to have in Photoshop so if you want to learn more (shameless plug alert) I’ve just added another date for my Photoshop Know How workshop PLUS a Special Early Bird price offer.

Click here for more details.

As always if you have any questions/ comments then please feel free to make use of the comments section below, but in the mean time, whatever you’re up to have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

Glyn 🙂

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  1. Darren House


    I really recommend your Selections Workshop you had several amazing tips n tricks and for me doing composites selections were always such a big headache. After the workshop I have no issues in extracting subjects from the background. Its not always the big things that made the difference it was the little bits that really finish it of nicely.


    Looking forward to learning so much more in January at the High5Workshop 🙂



  2. Russ Robinson

    One of the best selection tuts I’ve seen…great job, and thanks for sharing!

  3. DaveT

    Wonderful – I have been struggling with selections and the refine edge tool, but now that it has been explained in a logical fashion I have a better understanding of it. The additional tips are great extras Glyn. Thanks !!


    • Glyn

      Great to ‘see’ that the video is coming in handy. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment folks; much appreciated 🙂

  4. Frank Bramkamp

    Hi Glyn, I think this tutorial is really good. I knew several techniques from Joel Grimes or Matt Kloskowski, but they were all spread out on different tutorials. Here, all small techniques are presented nicely in a whole, complementing each other. I often did not know to combine two selections properly. Now I know it thanks to your tutorial. At the end, not so difficult, but sometimes you simply do not see it. Also good as a quick overview and reminder. Cheers, Frank.

  5. Dwayne Denny

    Love your work and your tutorials.

  6. Dwayne Denny

    Love your work and your tutorials.

  7. Jagpreet Singh

    I spent hours on Youtube trying to find a nice tutorial on cutouts but none was close to what you taught. It simply covers all that I wanted to know and makes me feel that it has only been made keeping me in mind.

    Thanks a bunch!



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