Photoshop User TV: Episode 332 “Using Photoshop to clean your images”

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 1, 2013

Category: General

Hey Everyone,

Well I’m just in the middle of packing before heading off to Frankfurt Airport.

It’s been an incredible week on so many levels but it’s always nice to get home.

Before I head off I thought I’d just give you a heads up about the latest episode of Photoshop User TV (Episode 332).

In this episode I’m with Corey Barker of the N.A.P.P. and Kelby Training and share a Photoshop tip/technique that you can use for cleaning up your images; especially handy for those folks who shoot on white seamless such as this image below which is actually the one I use on the show.

Photoshop User TV on Kelby TV [Link]
Photoshop User TV on YouTube [Link]

Hope you like it.

Right, best I call for a cab and get moving.

Whatever you’re up to this coming weekend, be sure to have a good one and I’ll catch you back here on Monday.

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  1. Paul M

    Awesome tip! (as usual)

    • Glyn

      Cheers Paul 🙂


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