Photoshop World ~ A Humbling Experience

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 6, 2013

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Hey Folks,

Dropping in from Photoshop World between classes…

Can’t believe how quick the last few days have gone but hey if ever there was a time that the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun” rings true then this is it 🙂

Just thought I’d share a couple of pictures from yesterday (Day 2):

Huge thanks to everyone who came along to my Photoshop Fast and Furious class on the Expo Floor. It was incredibly humbling to see so many people come along and to see fellow instructor and Legendary Photographer Dave Black in the audience was, well…surreal.

You know being one of the Photoshop World Instructors was always one of my dreams and despite now being a member of the team of Instructors it still feels kinda surreal. Hanging out with and now calling such incredible people friends is very humbling and something I’ll never take for granted. Working hard, improving and sharing is my way of giving thanks and giving back to this incredible world!

Above: With Great friends and Instructos Aaron Blaise, Pamela Ann Berry & Erik Valind.

The picture on the right was for a my Buddy Todd Mills whom I met on my very first trip to the US, which was at Photoshop World, Las Vegas and was also when I had just started using a camera and Photoshop. I travelled on my own and Todd and I hooked up and since became friends and have kept in touch over the years. Todd’s going through some health challenges at the moment and this picture was a request from him as we drank Long Island Iced Teas during that trip. We WILL get the chance to do the same again in the future…hang in there Buddy!!!

With Google Buddies Brian Matiash and Mike Wiacek with whom I am part of a panel for the Social Media for Photographers Session later this morning.

Right must dash so have a great rest of the day and weekend and I’ll catch you back here in a few days for more updates but also some news on products, reviews and more…

Have a good one,

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