Photoshop World, Orlando: Day 3

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 19, 2013

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Well we’ve reached the final day of Photoshop World and it has been a truly incredible time.

There’s so much to report back so I’ll make a point of posting a run through of events early next week.

In the mean time though I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to my ‘Photoshop Fast & Furious‘ class yesterday afternoon.

This was a class I gave in the N.A.P.P. Theatre on the Expo Floor and it was overwhelming to see so many folks there resulting in standing room only.

Last year in Washington DC I gave a class of the same name but this time around showed all new stuff including techniques I used to create my recent Wolverine in London picture.

So again a HUGE thanks to everyone who came along and for all the great feedback afterwards; it’s so very much appreciated.

  • I was totally there!! Fantastic lecture!!! ~ Deej Hartnett Gausling
  • Really enjoyed the lecture too, very informative AND entertaining! ~ Alan Klein
  • Your passion for what you do is seen in your images. It has been a pleasure to learn from you these past two days. You Rock! ~ Ron Kirkwood
  • Keep it up  Glyn Dewis, you are killing it at PSW. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of your training ~ Marcel Bauer

Ok so just a few more sessions before the Photoshop World Closing Ceremony so I gotta dash.

Have a great day whatever you’re up to and if you’re at Photoshop World, Orlando have a fantastic final day!


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  1. Steve

    Well done Glyn

  2. Jeff Remas


    Your body of work and ability to communicate with others is astounding. I understand how far you have come in life and respect you even more for that. It is your body of work and your story that inspires me to improve my skills as a photographer and retoucher. Your visions, your drive, your skills as a retoucher and photographer are appreciated. Thank you for your insight and sharing your love of photography in such a passionate, easy to understand way. I am looking forward to more videos, training at PSW and the view more of your projects as they are helping to inspire me and wake up the right side of my brain. Thank you.

    • Glyn

      Cheers Jeff. We’re working on a few projects over the coming weeks so I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Bret Linford

    Inspirational speech in the closing remarks. You are a great photographer AND motivational speaker!

    • Glyn

      Thanks you so very much Bret

  4. Marta

    This all sounds great. Will you be posting any of your content on-line? I’d like to see some of what these folks are raving about;)

    • Glyn

      Marta, not just yet but maybe in the future I will do, thanks


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