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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 25, 2013

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Today I wanted to let you know that in the August edition of German photography magazine Pictures I’ve not one but two full articles…

As Pictures Magazine is predominantly photography related as opposed to say Photoshop, Lightroom the articles concentrate mainly on that…the Photography. Everything that went into shooting the images including the planning, preparation, lighting set ups and thought process. However there is also an overview of the retouching side of things too highlighting some of the main areas.

The articles I have in this issue cover my Magician ‘Levitation’ image where I cover the lighting set up and most importantly why the lights were set in a certain way and then in the retouching I briefly cover how the multi coloured lighting effect can be added in very quickly and easily using the Radial Filter in Camera RAW / Lightroom.

I actually also recorded a short video tutorial for my YouTube Channel showing exactly how to do the technique a short while back:

In the second article I cover lighting set ups and a little bit of the retouching for my style of Physique Photography which is very low key using minimal light to highlight the muscle groups.

Oh I ought to mention that as Pictures is a German Photography Magazine the articles are all in German language…but then I guess you knew that right?

Pictures Magazine is now available to purchase either in stores or download from the iTunes App Store.

Right must dash so have a great Thursday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

ps> If you do purchase a copy of the magazine could I ask a favour? Just for fun take a quick photo of yourself holding a copy with you phone and tag it on Facebook 🙂

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