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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 29, 2017

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Last week having been out in The Netherlands presenting at Professional Imaging 2017 until the Monday evening, on the Tuesday I was at The Photography Show held at the NEC, Birmingham.

Whilst there I was doing presentations for Elinchrom / The Flash Centre and then presenting on the LIVE STAGE doing a talk, live shoot and retouching demo.

Glyn Dewis The Photography Show 2017

Also at The Photography Show were publishers of my new book, Rocky Nook who had flown in from the USA to be there for the very first time and to add to that they brought along copies of my new book, Photograph Like a Thief to make available to attendees prior the official release / publish date.

From left to right Scott Cowlin (Managing Director & Publisher at Rocky Nook), Yours Truly, Ted Waitt (Associate Publisher at Rocky Nook) and my Best Mate Dave Clayton who did a kick a$$ job designing the front and rear cover…

Photograph Like a Thief - Glyn Dewis

It was fantastic to see and hear the great feedback from folks that managed to get themselves a copy but what was even more exciting was seeing how quickly Rocky Nook – Sold Out! They’d been holding back copies each day to make sure there were some for each day of the show but on the day I was there they sold out soon after the show opened!

Seeing pictures being posted on Instagram of people holding their copy was just the best feeling ever as an author (feels kind of strange writing that…’author’ 🙂

The pictures below show the very first person in the world to buy a copy (left) of the paperback and then on the right, Photographer Barry King having purchased the very last copy available at the NEC 🙂

Photograph Like a Thief - Glyn Dewis

Also seeing folks who actually appear in the book taking pictures of themselves has made me want to create a collection of everyone in it holding the book.

Here’s a few I’ve grabbed off social media…

From left to right friends Brian Dukes, Mac McBride, Ian Munro and Anthony Crothers

Photograph Like a Thief - Glyn Dewis

Can’t help smiling when I look at the photograph below of my Buddy Dave Clayton who was asked to sign a copy; I just think that’s so damn cool especially when I think how far we have come together as friends in such a short time…

Photograph Like a Thief - Glyn Dewis

Official release of the paperback is April 24th so not long now but if you’re going to be at Photoshop World in Orlando between 18 – 20 April, the book WILL be available.

Catch you later

•You can pre order a copy of Photograph Like a Thief over on Amazon by CLICKING HERE

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