POCKET ROCKET (Kick Boxing): New Picture PLUS Lighting Set Up

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 14, 2014

Category: General

Hey Everyone,

How’s it going?

Thanks again for stopping by; I really do appreciate it.

So with the weekend just around the corner do you have anything planned Photography related?

Ok so today I’ve a new picture to share with you and I thought I’d also give you a look at what the lighting set up was too seeing as a few folks have asked about it; here goes…

So the diagram below gives you a look at the lighting set up I used for the picture above.

Initially I’d started out with 2 lights: the gridded soft box which was positioned as if to be a window light and then a single light with reflector (no grid) on the opposite side to Steven. This worked great except for the fact that his dark lower half was almost disappearing so a third light was added to just give a bit of an outline to his lower half and this was hidden from camera behind the punch bag he was kicking and punching.

Once in Photoshop the main retouching work consisted of adding details and a colour effect to increase the mood but also removing the light stand from the 3rd light that was added behind the punch bag; oh and the Elinchrom 40cm Maxi Spot Reflector I’d left on the floor in the background…doh! 🙂

I guess we were shooting for around 3 hours or so and took a variety of shots in different locations and set ups around the gym.

Here’s an example of the shot I just have to do; my Invisible Black Background Technique with Steven photographed sat on my camera bag in the Fighting Ring:

•Check out this short video over on my YouTube Channel showing how to do this [Link]

I’ll post more images once I’ve worked through them and again will give you a look at the set up for each one but in the mean time a HUGE thanks to my friend Ray Fidler who drove 1.5 hours to come and help out. Ray…you’re a STAR!!!

Right that’s all from me for today so have a KNOCK OUT weekend and I’ll catch you back here in a few days.


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  1. Alexander

    Hi Glyn,

    thank you so much for sharing this Information. I tried some similar shots last week in a fitness Studio but the lightning conditions were so bad (Windows everywhere, almost impossible to create the lightning that I wantet to have) that I had to replace the Background of all Images. Too sad.

    Anyway, great work and cool Inspiration.

  2. Ray Fidler

    You are more than welcome Mr. D. Thanks for the mention I learnt a lot on the day and your lighting diagrams shown here plus your comments re post processing will help me further in the future. Have a great weekend. Ray

  3. J.R. Maddox

    Very nice! I love the grittiness of the images! Thats always been my favorite part of images..
    One day would love to work together on a project!


  4. Isaiah

    Thanks for sharing man. Your work always inspires me and there’s always something new to learn.


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