Timeless: Portrait Challenges and Questions

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 27, 2020

Category: Photography

In this new video in addition to a quick overview of my Full Length Photography and Retouching Tutorial called Timeless, I go through some of the challenges I faced during the past 18 months as a Portrait Photographer and how I overcame them PLUS I answer 3 of the most frequently asked questions sent in since I shared the previous 2 videos…

TIMELESS will be available to download in:








Feel free to post any questions / comments in the section below and remmeber to keep an eye out on Monday for details of the special 5 day offer I’ll be announcing.

Catch you soon,

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  1. Richard Howes

    I’d love to work on a project like the Timeless series to document people and their stories for example: growing fresh food. Where does fresh season fruit and vege come from? Who supplies this to market? What are the benefits of eating fresh food from a farmers market? How do you approach and build themes in subjects you’re passionate about?

    • Glyn Dewis

      Richard, what works best for me is to have something prepared for when you want to approach somebody about being photographed. Have example images that show the style you’re looking to create. Know how to explain exactly what you’re looking to do and what your intentions are. Actually showing someone what you’re looking to do (the kind of portrait) is way more effective than trying to explain it because most people will ‘think’ they know what you mean when really they don’t.

      Hope that makes sense

  2. Stella Newman

    I’ve bought your Timeless package and I’ve treated myself to a Westcott X-stop and I’m all ready to go – really looking forward to trying out your techniques.
    Unfortunately, I live alone and in social isolation.
    I do wish the cat would sit still in front of my backdrop! 😉
    Great package and great value – as always from you, Glyn.

    • Glyn Dewis

      Fantastic to hear…thank you so much Stella
      Best wishes to you…and your cat


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