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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 22, 2007

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Ever since last year when I scanned in several thousand slides of photographs taken by my wife’s brother Dave, I’ve put much more emphasis on taking as many ‘day to day’ photos as possible. Seeing all the photos that Dave took actually made me quite envious (but in a good way) that he had a record of the family growing up through the years.

So…when my sister Sian asked me to take some photos whilst she was pregnant I was thrilled. This is a subject that to date I’d never photographed so I spent quite a bit of time getting ideas from other photographers, so I could capture some really tasteful images. I decided that the style I wanted to adopt was with Sian wearing just a plain white long sleeved shirt and blue denim jeans. Her shirt was undone from the bottom up, just enough to reveal ‘the bump’ and I was ‘made up’ when Andrew, her husband, got in on the photos too. Equipment that I took was my trusty black Lastolite Collapsible background and 2 Nikon SB800’s which were shot though umbrellas to give nice soft lighting.

These photos understandably are quite personal so I won’t be posting any with this blog entry; however, over time I’ll make sure I post up some photos of this very special baby.

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  1. Pops

    Hi Glyn. Just visited the site to see what you were up to and I am amazed at how brilliant it is. The photos are excellent, especially the ones of Anne. Could you make me look that good??? Pops


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