A Priceless Gift of Art

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 22, 2014

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Hey Everyone. I thought I’d kick the week off sharing something extra special…

Earlier this year, as some of you will know, our little lad, Morris Cat, became ill and is now no longer with us.

So, as this past Saturday was my wife Anne’s Birthday, and because Morris was such a character and has left such a big hole in our lives, I really wanted to get something special; a painting that really captured his personality.

Originally I’d thought about something comical but changed my mind and so spoke to my dear friend Aaron Blaise.

Talented, Gifted and all other words spring to mind when I think of Aaron and when he literally jumped at the chance to draw something for Anne I was over the moon! Blown away is most definitely an understatement when I saw what he’d done…


But that wasn’t all…he’d even recorded a video showing the process.

The painting is breath taking but watching the video is extra special as it seems to bring Morris back to life as you watch Aaron’s brush strokes…

Aaron…We can’t quite express in words what this means, but prepare for a bear hug when you meet Anne 🙂

Folks, I know I mentioned it on Friday but seriously, you need to head on over to Aaron’s website and check out his work and all that he has available in his web store; there is so much to learn. I’m 100% convinced that as Photographers and Retouchers we can learn so much from traditional artists and with all that Aaron has to offer and is so willing to share it’s a no brainer to head over to his site and his YouTube channel.

Have a fantastic Monday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


•Oh and just to follow up from last Friday’s post about Aaron’s Photoshop Hair Brushes, they’re AVAILABLE NOW from his website [LINK]


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  1. Erica`

    What an amazing gift… and such a joy for us to see the process. I was mesmerized!!


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