Printing your Pictures: Everything you need to know

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 2, 2020

Category: Tutorial | Videos

A couple of weeks ago I ran some YouTube LIVE broadcasts (I’ll be doing more again soon) where I went through absolutely everything you need to know to be able to print successfully i.e. make sure that what you print matches what you have on your screen / display…

I’ve also written an eBook / PDF that goes through this all Step by Step and you can grab a FREE copy by simply adding your contact details below.

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  1. Jan


  2. Steve Bell

    Just came across your tutorial about setting up your printer to use with Lightroom, very practical and useful. I have calibrated my screen with ‘colormunki Smile’, it was all automatic so didn’t have a chance to check on luminance value, totally agree about not letting the printer colour manage and should put this on ‘none’ each time you print! I also really liked your portraits tutorial when doing the ‘Veterans’ project, I wouldn’t have thought about using face detection for the nearest eye because my Canon 5D doesn’t have that, but I can use it with my Fuji X-Pro2, my friend’s daughter wants me to do some head-shots for an actors agency, so I will try that technique, it seems like a more sociable way to be a photographer, keeping a connection with the model/subject.

    • Glyn Dewis


      Thanks so much for looking in and for commenting. I’m going to be doing an update on the Perfect Prints Guide very soon. As for the face detection when taking the portraits it really has made a huge difference by allowing that continued face to face engagement.


  3. Augie Stark

    I want to take the big jump into printing but am afraid of making costly mistakes.

    • Glyn Dewis

      I’ve just had a video class run on the Lightroom Virtual Summit going through it all but watch this space for something else 😉


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