PRIOLITE: My NEW Lighting Sponsor and they ROCK!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 3, 2013

Category: General

Hey Folks,

Hope you had a great weekend.

Did you get much shooting done?

Now those of you who’ve connected with me in Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter) may well have seen this already BUT today I can finally reveal that my new lighting Sponsor is (drum roll please) …

And I must tell you, I am absolutely over the moon!!! Seriously this kit does exactly what it says on the tin: Studio flash but also extremely portable for taking on location.

Imagine being able to take your powerful studio lights out and about with you to any location BUT in addition to that not having to worry about finding power or indeed having to carry portable battery packs; well…that’s exactly what PRIOLITE is all about.

PRIOLITE to me are a dream come true when it comes to lighting for a whole host of reasons but one in particular is the fact that there are no wires to power them as the battery is contained within the actual head itself (500 w/s or 1000 w/s). Having no wires around or the need to plug into a power source has obvious advantages but for me, not having to worry about workshop attendees tripping over wires sure is a welcome relief 🙂

Some of you may have seen the video that Scott Kelby posted recently of one of his location shoots photographing a gorgeous Audi R8 where he was using the PRIOLITE‘s; if not you can check it out here [Link] but over the coming days and weeks I’m going to be posting a few videos using them too.

I met up with Priolite just over a week ago but didn’t get chance to use the kit until this past couple of days due to having been teaching in Denmark. But, as soon as I returned I organised a quick shoot to give them a go…a location shoot at a kick boxing / martial arts and fitness gymnasium.

Now the gym was open and it was busy but we managed to find a corner of the room where I set up a 3/4 width grey seamless roll and 3 of the PRIOLITE heads as you can see in the picture below:

Again, no wires meant we could set up anywhere as opposed to being near to any power outlets or having to worry about cables going from the heads to battery packs and getting in the way; and believe me the gym was busy.

In no time at all, my good friend Brian Worley aka Mr Canon and myself had set up and I was ready to start shooting. Now most of the time when I’m shooting it’s a very controlled environment but because Martin (the guy I was photographing) was due to teach a class I had to be quick, so being able to make adjustments to the lights from camera using the trigger was really handy. Of course being able to do this is nothing new but that isn’t the point…the point is how easy and intuitive the on camera trigger is to use.

So here’s the final image from the shoot that I’m calling (unsurprisingly)… KICK BOXER!

Note: You’ll notice Martin has a black eye but I hasten to add that it was added during the retouching which in truth is the only way I’d be able to give him a black eye having watched him training afterwards 🙂

So, like I said I’ll be posting videos shortly showing the PRIOLITE heads in action but for now a HUGE thanks to PRIOLITE for the Sponsorship…you guys ROCK (and so does your lighting) !!!

Check out the PRIOLITE website here to get the low down on all the specs and where to buy [Link]

Have a great Monday and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Cody Ash


    great that you are sponsored by them! I was excited to learn that they can accept Elinchrom soft boxes as that is the system I use. I may be selling my brxi for the Priolites so I can go mobile. Looking to do environmental portraits and car shoots.

    Great stuff!

  2. Rudra

    Sir can’t you give the tutorial how to do like this ?? 🙂


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