Photoshop User Magazine: Best of 2016

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 19, 2016

Category: General

Really happy to see that articles I wrote this past year for Photoshop User Magazine produced by KelbyOne made it into the BEST OF 2016 list…

Photoshop User Magazine

One of the articles was a collaboration with my Buddy Dave Clayton and myself. The article took folks through a Photo Shoot, Retouch and then by using the Adobe Creative Cloud sharing the files with Dave so that he then carried out to take the image into Adobe InDesign to then use it in a flyer / leaflet design…

Photoshop User Magazine

Another article was where I put together a step by step Photoshop technique that I use for increasing depth and dimension in portraits using Light, Sharpness and Contrast…

Photoshop User Magazine

I was invited to contribute to the Annual Hot Tips Edition of Photoshop User Magazine…

Photoshop User Magazine Hot Tips

HUGE thank you to everyone at KelbyOne and Photoshop User Magazine for inviting me to contribute over the past 12 months which for me is a real pleasure as it’s KelbyOne (fomerly the N.A.P.P.) where it all began for me absorbing every bit of knowledge I could through their weekly shows, books, seminars, magazine. I learned and continue to learn so much from them.

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