Photoshop World 2017 – Orlando, USA

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 25, 2017

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Well no sooner had it started it seemed like it was over but WOW, what a fantastic week in the USA presenting at Photoshop World 2017..

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

Kicking off on Wednesday 19th I hosted my very first Pre Conference / In Depth Class based on content in my new book, Photograph Like a Thief.

The 4 hour session absolutely flew by; starting off with a talk covering what I mean by the phrase ‘photograph like a thief’ followed by a couple of live photo shoots and taking attendees through the retouching steps…all inspired by images from Mark Seliger and Annie Leibovitz.

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

It was fantastic seeing results that the attendees were achieving; some really great images. Even more fantastic was that I’d promised each and everyone that they would know how to set up Rembrandt style of lighting from scratch and this was clearly the case. Mission accomplished huh 🙂

HUGE thanks to our great models on the day, Dustin and Daniah who were both so incredibly professional, great fun, patient and of course looked great!

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

•A reminder for those folks who came along to the session, I’ll be recording a video going through the entire retouching process for you to follow along in the next couple of days so look out for that coming through into your inbox.

Over the days of the conference I gave a number of presentations and it was quite overwhelming to see how many folks came along…

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

I had such a great time presenting; the energy and feedback from attendees couldn’t have been better so my thanks to each and everyone of you who came along and for all the great feedback and comments.

Rocky Nook, publishers of my new book, were present at the show and had my book there for sale prior to the official release date (24th April) but what was so incredibly exciting was to see that it sold out in just 3 hours of show opening!

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

For each of my presentations, I had Photograph Like a Thief T-Shirts to give away to attendees that posted on Twitter or Instagram with the #PLATDEWIS hashtag…

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

Whilst out at Photoshop World, I was also interviewed by the great folks at RGG EDU as part of their Podcast Series. I had such a blast chatting with everyone: Rob, Gary and finally catching up with Renee Robyn – someone I’ve been friends with online for ages but we’ve never managed to catch up until now; thanks so much to everyone for inviting me along!

Glyn Dewis - Photoshop World

Anyway I could go on and on about everything that went on and how great the event was, and it really was but I shared lots of photos across my social media (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook).

However I do want to say a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Ed Faith who was an absolute legend helping me out this past few days. Ed was a great support during my Pre Conference Session and throughout the other 5 classes I had throughout the conference…even modelling during one session. Ed…you’re an absolute STAR!

Right, that’s all from me for now so…

Catch you online

CLICK HERE to check out a LARGE version of this portrait of Dustin and Daniah over on my 500px portfolio page

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