Quick Tip: Pinterest for Photography

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 21, 2014

Category: General

Hi Everyone

To end the week I thought I’d post a Quick Tip; something I do all the time when working with clients.

Now I’ve mentioned this before but as a reminder and also for those of you who are fairly new to this site, this tip involves using Pinterest.

Completely free to join, when I first heard about Pinterest I was like “Really? Another social media site to update?” but it wasn’t long until I realised there was a way I could actually use it to help with my photography.


The basic idea behind Pinterest is that it’s like a modern day scrap book where you can search / browse for pictures of things that you like and then save them into any number of boards that you create. My wife loves Pinterest and has created a large number of boards for things such as jokes, animals, houses, holiday locations, furniture, food and so on…

Now I also have a few boards that I use to collect pictures however the main way I use Pinterest is to find out exactly what it is a client wants i.e. what kind of look, feel, mood are they after in there pictures.

Private Boards
When I get hired to work with a new client I always ask them if they use Pinterest. If they do then great but if not, then I encourage them to join (it’s free anyway) and then install the Pinterest App on their phone, tablet etc…

I then create a new ‘board’ and name it their name i.e. John Smith Photo Shoot and make this Private and also so that only me and the client can add in pictures. Once this is done, whenever the client sees a picture that has something about it that they like and has the feel, look etc of what they want, then with one click they can add it to our private board. I’ll see this instantly and no matter where I am, or where they are in the world.


This is a MASSIVE help when it comes to working with clients and having a greater understanding of exactly what it is they are after, and the result of which is that we all have much more focus and understanding when it comes to the photo shoot. Before I did this it was much more effort to know what the client wanted; in fact they would often find it hard to articulate what they want, but with pictures this is so much easier.

This I also do when working with people on a personal project. So, as well as maybe drawing something I’ll also show them pictures I have collected on Pinterest to help them have a greater understanding of the concept…does that make sense?

Anyway, just a quick tip I thought you might want to give a try.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here in a few days.


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  1. Kelley

    Agree! It’s been a huge help for the same reason, and many more!

  2. andrea de paolis

    Thanks for sharing, great tip


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