Random News: Adobe Subscription Service Update & iPad Wi-Fi Tethering

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 13, 2011

Category: General

Well I’m currently sat here surrounded by boxes because of the imminent house move so I thought I’d post up just a couple of ‘news’ articles for you that I caught this week…

Adobe Subscription Service
First off the big news this week was that Adobe have released an update to the CS5 suite. Now this latest update taking it to CS5.5 isn’t something I’ll be making the move to particularly as it doesn’t offer an update to Photoshop CS5 however along with the upgrade came the news of the Adobe Subscription Service. In short what this means is that folks will be able to pay a small monthly fee for access to the Creative Suite range of products.

Sure as you’d expect this has been met with mixed emotions but my own opinion is that this is a stroke of Genius by Adobe.  Now those folks who didn’t want the upfront cost of Photoshop or the full Creative Suite can get to use the software without being ‘out of pocket’ … and that has to be a good thing 🙂

Having seen this announcement I contacted John Nack (Principal Product Manager at Adobe) and asked something I guess we’d all like to be sure of and that is if the subscription service would still allow users to have the Adobe Products shared on more than one computer. Anyway true to form John spoke to members of his team and this is the reply I received…

I work for Adobe and just confirmed with the somebody on the CS Subscription team and they confirmed that with subscription there is still the provision for a primary and secondary computer (work/home, desktop/laptop), just like always, as long as two people aren’t using the software at the same time.

Hope that’s good news for you!

So…looks like a win, win situation to me. But…what do you think? Does ‘renting’ from Adobe appeal to you?

*I’ll post up UK prices for this subscription service as soon as I know them but to give you an idea, in the US Photoshop is priced at $35

iPad & Wi-Fi Tethering
In an earlier post [Link] I mentioned about shooting tethered into Lightroom and how the issues I was having have now been solved thanks to a great piece of FREE software called SOFORTBILD.

Well, on the subject of tethering I saw a post on Terry White’s ‘Tech’ Blog [Link] yesterday that gave an insight into something that could prove to be exactly what I’ve been looking for i.e. a way to shoot tethered ‘wirelessly’ to my iPad whilst on location

At the moment if I want to shoot tethered ‘on location’ this means bringing along my MacBook Pro and having a physical link (wire) to the camera. This works perfectly well but the obvious issue here is that it means more kit which translates into more weight to carry. However it looks like this could all change in the near future thanks to the new card from Eye-Fi; the Mobile X2 8Gb that gives W-Fi tethering direct to an iOs device such as an iPad but without being near a Wi-Fi hotspot!

Check out this short video to see what I mean…

At the moment this new Eye-Fi card is only available in SD format and as I shoot with a Nikon D3 that uses CF cards I’m going to try out an adaptor to see if it works. Eye-Fi themselves don’t promote the use of adaptors with their products but the possibility of this working is too much to resist. So, once the cards become available here in the UK I’ll give it a whirl and you’ll be the first to know how it goes 🙂

Right, I guess it’s time to get back to the packing so I’ll catch you later,
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. A.J. Wood

    The WiFi is Billy Bad-Ass indeed. I had heard some rumblings out of Photoshop World about Terry White & David Ziser shooting WiFi to iPads during their sessions. I’m sure by the time Vegas rolls around there will be some very cool stuff out.

    I think the subscription service from Adobe was inevitable. I personally don’t mind the option, so long as it remains just that–a choice for the consumer. I know that I will certainly rent Photoshop the next time I have a class over capacity, or bring on an intern for projects.

    • Glyn

      @A.J. Yeah the whole Wi-Fi Tethering thing is very exciting indeed as being able to shoot directly into my iPad without being near a hotspot is going to be awesome for ‘on location’ work 😉

  2. Russell

    Hi Glynn,
    I used Ipad 2 for a soccer game last Saturday and transmited sports pictures live from pitchside, if this card works as well as i’m hoping, it’s one less thing i need to carry.

    I’m going to try this on Saturday in Manchester at The Amir Khan fight i’m covering

    • Glyn

      @Russell…Sounds great. Would love to hear how you got on at the fight mate.



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